The Parliament of Guilds was the third ruling branch on Cloud City, Bespin. They were offset by the Baron Administrator and the Exex.

The Parliament of Guilds represented the workers and craftsmen of Cloud City, and worked to keep the city's economics evenly spread. They provided valuable assistance to the legal system on Cloud City, and they had a position as an impartial jury in order to keep the Exex from taking control of the city's courts.

The Parliament also oversaw the operation of the city's casinos.

During the early years of the Galactic Empire, the Ugnaughts Fyren and Krygg worked for the Parliament. In about 17 BBY, the Hutt crime lord Darga Jiramma Mionne settled in Cloud City and he bribed a number of Ugnaught workers of Figg & Associates to steal tibanna gas from their employer. Figg & Associates subsequently complained to the Parliament of the Guilds about the missing tibanna and the Parliament was forced to place restrictions on all Ugnaughts in Cloud City.[1]



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