"The subjugation of Parrlay is just the beginning of our invasion."
―Nute Gunray, to Darth Sidious — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Parrlay was a city on the planet Naboo inhabited by the Human Parrlayans. It was located south of the cities New Centrif and Vis, all of which contained transmitters used for offworld communications. The city hosted a variety of residential buildings, troop centers, and turrets, and it was the hometown of the Human Teckla Minnau. The main entrance contained a large archway, and in the northwest area outside the entrance, resources were gathered by PKN-49 worker droids.

In 32 BBY, Parrlay was one of the first targets of the Trade Federation in their Invasion of Naboo. The city was defended by royal troopers, Tuskcat Troopers, V-19 landspeeders, and champion vehicles. The defenders were unable to stop the forces of the Trade Federation Droid Army led by OOM-9, who ransacked the city and destroyed the transmitter.


"We have discovered the Naboo town of Parrlay."
―OOM-9 — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Parrlay was a city on the planet Naboo, inhabited by a Human Naboo[1] population called the Parrlayans.[2] It was some distance from the planet's capital, Theed, and south of two other cities; Vis and New Centrif. A stone path from the latter city led directly into Parrlay from the north. A sacred statue[1] built by the mysterious Elders of Naboo[3] lay next to a small lake hidden in the forest north of Parrlay. Most of the city was surrounded by trees, and a river flowed outside of the eastern treeline. Many of Parrlay's buildings were decorated with yellow patterns and designs. Stone paths ran through the city, although many of the buildings were built on grass patches.[1]

The northwest area of Parrlay, outside its entrance

The northwest portion of Parrlay extended outside of its main entrance. At the northernmost point, there were five prefab shelters on an elevated stretch of land. South of them was a carbon processing center used to store carbon from the nearby trees, as well as a food processing center to the south that supported two farms. The resources in that area were gathered by three PKN-49 worker droids. The main entrance to Parrlay was guarded by two turrets on each side of the stone pathway. The eastern side of the entrance had two prefab shelters, and the entrance itself was marked by a large archway that had an identical design to those found in Theed.[1]

After the entrance, two obelisk monuments were placed on opposite sides of the path, surrounded by flowers. The northeastern side of the city had a line of five residential buildings, a power core, and a troop center built next to the treeline. The center of the city had three residential buildings and several trees, with the westernmost building surrounded by flowers. The western side of the city had a line of five residential buildings and a temple. One of the residential houses had orange stripes evocative of the stylings of New Centrif. The southern area of Parrlay was surrounded by a medium wall, with a gate on the eastern side guarded by an exterior turret. The top corner behind the wall housed a transmitter for offworld and planetary communications. The transmitter rested on an elevated piece of land and was surrounded by a light wall. Inside the wall, there was also a troop center, three prefab shelters, a command center, and a power core, which supported the surrounding buildings.[1]


"OOM-9, we are sending another squad to aid in the destruction of Parrlay."
―Nute Gunray, during the subjugation of Parrlay — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Human Teckla Minnau was born in Parrlay to a middle-class merchant family.[4] In 32 BBY, Naboo was invaded by the Trade Federation. Parrlay was one of the Federation's first targets because of its transmitter, which could report the initial invasion to Theed or the galactic capital, Coruscant. Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray ordered the B1-Series battle droid OOM-9 to take a small landing force to destroy the transmitter at Parrlay, as well as those in New Centrif and Vis. After razing those cities with the help of forces led by the battle droid EEK-176, OOM-9's army marched towards Parrlay, encountering and killing two separate groups of three Parrlayan soldiers on the path. At the time of the invasion, Parrlay was defended by nine royal troopers,[1] six tuskcat troopers,[5] four V-19 landspeeders, and two champions, a type of repulsorcraft.[1]

The subjugation of Parrlay

Gunray sent a C-9979 landing craft to a clearing near Parrlay's entrance, and when OOM-9's droids entered the city, two heavy beetle droids, two droidekas, two energy pummels, and three Armored Assault Tanks were unloaded from the landing craft to aid in the destruction of Parrlay.[1] The droids fought their way through the city, killed the Naboo soldiers, and destroyed the labor droids they encountered. When they reached the walls surrounding the transmitter, OOM-9 placed his infantry troops along the wall while the beetle droids burned through it. More Naboo troopers continued to emerge from the troop center inside the walls, which were gunned down by the battle droids. After a portion of the wall was destroyed, the beetle droids passed through and destroyed the transmitter.[2] With the city razed, Gunray reported the subjugation of Parrlay to Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord who secretly orchestrated the invasion. The viceroy reported that the city's destruction was only the beginning of the invasion.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"We must alert Parrlay!"
―A Naboo trooper, in unused audio — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Parrlay was introduced in Prima Games' strategy guide by Steven L. Kent[2]—released on November 7, 2001[6]—for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds,[1] released on November 11, 2001.[7] In the game, destroying the transmitter in Parrlay is the final objective in the first level of the Trade Federation campaign, titled "Beachhead."[1] The strategy guide described the target of the level as destroying spaceports[2] instead of transmitters.[1] The guide also instructs the player to avoid getting sidetracked destroying the buildings in Parrlay, a mistake that could cost them victory.[2]

If the player attempts the level on the easy difficulty, Parrlay is defended by three fewer troopers and two fewer V-19 landspeeders, with the turret closest to the transmitter absent and royal troopers not spawning from the southern troop center. In the moderate difficulty, the turret and the landspeeders appear, and troops spawn from the troop center. An unused audio file in the game features a Naboo trooper exclaiming that Parrlay must be warned of the incoming invaders. In the original version of the game, the mounted troopers ride kaadu,[1] which were replaced with tusk cats in the 2002 expansion Clone Campaigns.[5]


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