"The Jedi has engaged Lord Baylan at the henge."
―The star navigator droid, to Morgan Elsbeth[5]

"Part Four: Fallen Jedi" is the fourth episode of Star Wars: Ahsoka. The episode was written by Dave Filoni[1] and directed by Peter Ramsey.[3] It was released on September 5, 2023.[2]

Official description[]

Hera risks her career to help her friends while Ahsoka and Sabine confront enemies.

Plot summary[]

The Ambush[]

On Ahsoka Tano's T-6 shuttle Sabine Wren tries to contact Home One and Hera Syndulla via comlink, but it is still broken. Huyang says he will try and cannibalize some wiring from the secondary motivator to see if he can rewire the transmitter. She then goes outside to see Tano looking at the forest around them. She tells Tano that comms and the primary power converter are still offline, preventing them from leaving or sending a transmission.

Tano informs Sabine that the enemy base is nearby and warns that the enemy has the map and the means to get to where they want to go. Tano believes that they face a difficult choice. If they can't make the journey to find Ezra Bridger, she concludes that no one should. Wren doesn't want to give up but Tano says this is better than allowing Thrawn's return as heir to the Empire. Tano advises Wren not to allow her emotions to hinder her progress, and Wren grudgingly nods. Wren then goes inside the T-6 to prepare to find the enemy ground base.

Huyang exits the ship and asks if everything is alright. Tano warns the architect droid to be careful outside the ship. In the forest, an HK assassin droid watches him. At the Seatos reflex point, Shin Hati and Marrok inform Baylan Skoll and Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth that their forces have located the enemy's ship about 12 klicks away. Elsbeth says her guards won't delay them. Skoll says she will and that they should get underway. Elsbeth senses Skoll is nervous but he responds that it is experience.

Inside the T-6, Wren puts on her armor and loads her twin pistols. Wren and Tano talk about the former's feelings for Bridger. Tano tells her that they must sometimes put aside their personal feelings and do what is right. When Wren asks if she really believes that, Tano says that she must do that when the stakes are high. Meanwhile, Huyang fixes the lighting, but an HK-87 assassin droid attacks him. Huyang calls out for help as he defends himself. When the assassin droid attempts to muffle him, Huyang breaks free and severs a wire to alert the others, causing the T-6's interior to go dark again.

Tano and Wren notice the change and rush outside. Tano and Wren battle the guards while Huyang struggles with the assassin droid. Tano uses her Force powers and lightsaber skills to defeat and kill the intruders while Wren does the same with her combat and marksman skills. Huyang manages to defeat the assassin droid but tells the women that the attack will set him back. Tano instructs him to prioritize repairs to the transmitter and to contact General Syndulla urgently. Huyang counsels Wren and Tano to stay together, saying that they did better that way.

Always a rebel[]

Aboard the Home One, First officer Vic Hawkins catches up with General Syndulla as she is walking with her son Jacen Syndulla and her astromech droid Chopper. Syndulla tells Hawkins that she is unwilling to wait for orders and tells Hawkins to think of something. Hawkins reluctantly agrees to help.

Aboard the Ghost, Jacen asks his mother why he has to listen while she can disobey orders. Syndulla responds that generals can sometimes disobey orders and tells him to buckle up. Chopper watches. The Ghost is accompanied by five T-65B X-wing starfighters flown by Captain Carson Teva and Lieutenants Baysee, Mowaat, Jensu, and Lander. Teva tells her about the risks but Syndulla says that she has always been a rebel. Teva addresses her as Phoenix Leader and the squadron jump into hyperspace at Syndulla's command. Jacen pulls the hyperdrive lever.

Light versus dark[]

Back at the Seatos reflex point, Elsbeth tells Skoll that once the guideline has been established, they will be able to calculate the hyperspace coordinates. Skoll warns that if her calculations are slightly off, they will be lost in the intergalactic void. Elsbeth tells him to have faith but Skoll is skeptical. Elsbeth touches the map, which projects a holographic projection of the Pathway to Peridea. He mutters that this is "witchcraft." Aboard the Eye of Sion, a navigator droid begins calculating the hyperspace coordinates to Peridea.

Meanwhile, Wren and Tano encounter Hati and Marrok inside the forest. Wren shoots at Hati with her twin blasters but the acolyte is able to deflect her blasts with her lightsaber. Tano faces Marrok and draws one of her white lightsabers. Marrok activates his double-bladed spinning lightsaber and the two engage in a lightsaber duel. Seeking revenge for their earlier duel, Wren chases Hati through the forest. Wren corners Hati among a cluster of trees but the dark sider uses her Force powers to hurl Wren against a tree, knocking off her helmet. Hati attempts to strike down Wren but the Mandalorian dodges her blade, which instead strikes a tree trunk. The two fight with lightsabers, with Wren drawing her green lightsaber.

While Elsbeth and Skoll oversee the calculation of the hyperspace coordinates, the Force users continue their fights in the forest. Marrok spins his lightsaber before charging at Tano. However. Tano dodges him and slices him across the chest with her lightsaber. The fallen Marrok kneels and a green mist is released through the cut in his armor. The death of Marrok interrupts Wren's duel with Hati. Wren tells Tano to get the map while she deals with Hati. After Tano leaves, Hati warns Wren that she will regret this decision before resuming the fight.

Tano versus Skoll[]

Elsewhere, Elsbeth continues her calculations and tasks Skoll with protecting the map until she calls for him. Tano reaches the Seatos reflex point and sees the Eye of Sion hovering above. Tano enters the henge where she encounters Skoll, who tells her that Anakin Skywalker spoke highly of Tano. When Tano says that she doesn't know Skoll, Skoll explains that everyone in the Jedi Order knew who Skywalker was but that few saw whom he became. She asks if Skywalker's fall to the Dark side of the Force motivated her to leave the Jedi Order.

Tano refuses to discuss her past and throws aside her cloak. Skoll responds that he is here to secure the future for something far greater. Tano asks him to consider the ethics of starting another war. Skoll replies that he is not starting another war but says that Thrawn will. Skoll talks about the necessary evil of destroying in order to create. As Tano reaches for her lightsaber, Skoll admits this is inevitable and ignites his own lightsaber. The two circle into position around the holographic display of the galaxy before parrying.

The two Force users return for a second round and Tano manages to strike Skoll but he fights back. The two briefly cross blades before Skoll maneuvers Tano against a rock. Aboard the bridge of the Eye of Sion, het navigator droid informs Elsbeth that Tano has engaged Skoll at the henge. When she asks how long it will take for the coordinates to be ready, the navigator droid reassures her that the calculations are almost complete. Back on the ground, Skoll hurls a rock against Tano but she slices through it with her lightsaber. While the navigation computer reaches its third quarter, the two former Jedi continue their fight.

Elsewhere, Wren and Hati continue their lightsaber duel. Hati hits Wren and manages to kick her to the ground. Wren reaches out her hand in an attempt to use the Force but Hati points out that Wren has no Force powers. She attempts to strike Wren down but Wren knocks the blade out of her hand with a dart. As Skoll corners Tano, he taunts her that her legacy is one of death and destruction, just like her late master. This enrages Tano and she knocks Skoll to the ground.

Tano manages to grab the map's orb and interrupts the projection but the orb burns her hand. Elsewhere, Hati manages to temporarily blind Wren with a smoke bomb, and flees. The navigator droid informs Elsbeth that the hyperspace calculation is incomplete. Tano's interruption of the hyperspace coordinates calculation angers Skoll, who resumes his lightsaber attack. Shortly later, Hati arrives and Skoll tells her to grab the map. Tano uses the Force to hurl Hati against a rock. An enraged Skoll advances on Tano and drives her to the edge off the cliff, which overlooks a sea.

Wren's choices[]

Skoll says he regrets that their meeting has ended in conflict but blames Tano. Wren arrives and tells Skoll to stop. Tano tells her Mandalorian friend to destroy the map but she instead warns Skoll to stay away from her master. Skoll instead strikes Tano with his lightsaber, causing her to fall off the cliff. Horrified at the presumed loss of her friend, Wren attacks Skoll with her blaster but the former Jedi deflects her blasts. Wren then holds the map against her blaster.

Skoll gives Wren the option of following her master's orders or seizing the opportunity to find Ezra Bridger, the only family that she has left. Wren claims he doesn't know what he is talking about but Skoll tells her that he knows that Bridger is holding her back. Sensing her thoughts, Skoll tells her that she knows her family died on Mandalore because her master Tano did not trust her. Skoll tells Wren that the two share a common goal and appeals to her desire to be reunited with her friend Bridger. Skoll claims that he is serving a greater good and invites her to come with him to Peridea. He promises that no harm will come to her and that she will be reunited with Bridger. Skoll says this is the only way and tells her to do it for Ezra. After considering Skoll's words, she hands him the map to Peridea.

Hati begins Force choking Wren but Skoll orders her to stop, stating that he gave the Mandalorian his word. He claims he will keep his word, unlike Wren's former master. Skoll plays the map back on the mapping mechanism, allowing the navigator droid to complete the hyperspace calculations and establish a hyperspace route to Peridea. Pleased, Elsbeth orders that a shuttle be sent to retrieve Lord Baylan.

The hyperspace jump[]

Meanwhile, Huyang is contacted by General Syndulla. Huyang tells her that they are downed on Seatos and requests help. The Ghost and its fighter escorts enter the Denab system. Huyang tells her that Elsbeth's forces has built a massive hyperspace ring and warns them not to let them escape. When Syndulla asks about Tano and Wren, Huyang says that they are on the surface trying to stop the enemy.

After Carson confirms the Eye of Sion's location, Syndulla proposes cutting across the axis and blocking its path. Elsbeth informs Skoll that the calculations are complete and to return immediately. Per Elsbeth's instructions, Skoll destroys the map with his lightsaber, telling Wren and Hati no one will be following them. Hati marches Wren aboard their shuttle. As the Eye of Sion rises into the upper atmosphere, the navigation droid tells Elsbeth they are tracking the trajectory, and that they have a clear guideline.

As the New Republic ships converge on the Eye of Sion, Teva orders the X-wings to lock their S foils into attack position. Mowaat notices that the enemy ship is not launching starfighters while Baysee realizes that the enemy is escaping. Skoll, Hati and Wren enter the bridge of the Eye of Sion where they are greeted by Elsbeth. A navigator droid informs Elsbeth that New Republic ships are in their path. Wren realizes Syndulla has arrived but Elsbeth orders her droids to ignore them and to engage the ship's hyperdrive.

Syndulla and Carson detect the hyperdrive surge but it is too late. Mowaat's X-wing is knocked into Baysee's X-wing by the blast unleashed by the hyperspace jump, killing them. The Ghost and the other fighters manage to survive the surge. Syndulla and Jacen watch in horror with the latter saying he has gotten a "bad feeling" about this. Chopper mumbles in Binary. Meanwhile, Huyang attempts to contact Tano and Wren but receives no reply. The camera gives an aerial shot of the Seatos reflex point and the sea.

World between Worlds[]

Elsewhere, Tano awakens in the World Between Worlds and a distant voice greets her by saying "Hello, Snips." Tano calls out to her master. The voice says it did not expect to see her back so soon. She turns around and finds herself staring at the Force spirit of Anakin Skywalker.



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