"Part II" is the second episode of the television series Obi-Wan Kenobi and was released on May 26, 2022.[2]

Plot summary[]

Arrival on Daiyu[]

Obi-Wan Kenobi heads to Daiyu to find young Princess Leia Organa and bring her back to her parents, Senator Bail Organa and Breha Organa. Obi-Wan doesn't know where to go, so he asks a man in the streets of Daiyu. However, the man says that all signals to and from Daiyu were blocked, making it impossible to determine Vect Nokru's whereabouts. Obi-Wan walks on and encounters a homeless clone trooper from the 501st Legion who asks for credits. After a brief hesitation, Kenobi proceeds to drop some credits into the clone's helmet.

He brushes past two stormtroopers, one of whom barks orders at pedestrians. A pink-haired girl named Tetha Grig approaches Kenobi, offering to sell him a variety of spice including Kessel pure, glitterstim, and Felucian. Kenobi claims that he is looking for his kidnapped daughter on the planet. The girl is pessimistic about Kenobi finding his daughter, before revealing that she was once someone's daughter before she ended up on Daiyu. Taking pity on Kenobi, she gives him some spice as a means of forgetting his loss.

The fake Jedi[]

A dark-skinned boy named Jayco approaches Kenobi, telling him that there is a Jedi who helps people. Kenobi responds that the Jedi are all gone. Jayco offers to take him to the Jedi for the right price.

Meanwhile, a hooded man named Haja Estree leads a human woman and her son Corran into a courtyard with cages, claiming that they are safe. The hooded man removes his hood and seemingly uses the Force to summon a comlink. He contacts Gate 3-C for a spaceport passenger check. A male contact requests to know who is the caller, stating that this is a private channel. The man claims that he is doing a Jedi mind trick and tells the respondent that he is sending a mother and child through Gate 3-C so that they can travel to Corellia.

The woman believes that the Force is strong with Haja and thanks him for protecting her Force-sensitive son from the Galactic Empire. The mother gives him some credits and promises she will never forget him. Haja tells her to forget him since his safety depends on it. Kenobi watches as Haja fingers his cash before telling the respondent that he is on his way.

Kenobi approaches Haja, who asks how he got in here. Kenobi tells her that a girl has been kidnapped and that he needs help to rescue her. Haja introduces himself as a Jedi, claiming that he helps those in need in exchange for a few credits. When Kenobi asks for his price, Haja charges 500 credits to locate the girl and another 300 credits to take him to her. He also offers to show Kenobi a few tricks in return for 1,000 credits.

When Haja attempts to impress Kenobi with his knowledge of the Force, Kenobi exposes him as a fraud who has been using remotes and magnets to feign telekinesis. As Kenobi removes the magnets at gunpoint, he chastises Haja for taking advantage of their plight. Haja admits fleecing his customers but insists that he got them somewhere safe. Haja asks if he is not going to tell anyone. Kenobi replies that depends on what he tells him, prompting Haja to ask if he is a bounty hunter.

Into the sewers[]

Cornered, Haja agrees to help Kenobi find the missing girl. Haja offers to lead him to the sewers but warns Kenobi that he believes he will never get in. A disguised Kenobi enters a makeshift laboratory where he causes a glass tank to explode, creating a distraction that allows him to slip through a door. He is confronted by a Zabrak and human worker who query about his presence. Kenobi fights the pair, who put up a fierce fight. Kenobi manages to subdue them and forces the human worker to reveal where the girl is being held.

Kenobi finds a cell where he finds a hooded figure whom he believes to be Princess Leia. However, it turns out to be a derelict droid serving as a decoy. Kenobi is captured by Vect Nokru's green-skinned alien and Nikto associates, who restrain him. Nokru enters the room, expressing surprise that a Jedi could fall for his trap. He mocks Kenobi for risking everything for a "little brat" before kicking him to the ground. Nokru fingers Kenobi's lightsaber, saying that the Third Sister was right about him. He believes that he and his associates will get rich from Kenobi's capture.

Kenobi demands to know Leia's whereabouts but Nokru dismisses him as a mere man who bleeds. Kenobi replies that everybody bleeds before dropping the vial of red spice he was gifted that blinds the mercenaries. Kenobi takes the opportunity to escape and locks the kidnappers in their own cell.

Rescuing Leia[]

Meanwhile, the Third Sister approaches the sewers, brushing pedestrians aside. Kenobi finds Leia, who initially puts up a fight. Kenobi tells her that her father sent him to rescue her. When Leia asks why she should trust him, he asks if she would prefer to remain in her cell. He leads her out of the sewers into the streets of Daiyu. Kenobi tells her to keep her head down.

Elsewhere, Nokru and his associates struggle with the effects of the spice. The Third Sister shows up and angrily demands to know Kenobi's whereabouts. While Kenobi and Leia change out of their clothes, Leia realizes that he is a Jedi, while noting his unkempt appearance. Kenobi tells Leia that they have to head to the spaceport and reach the last transport. Leia insists on going but Kenobi tells her that he is risking his life being here and instructs Leia to cooperate.

Reva's gambit[]

Meanwhile, the Grand Inquisitor along with the Fifth Brother and Fourth Sister confront the Third Sister. He chastises Reva for kidnapping an Imperial Senator's daughter. Reva counters that they have done worse, prompting a protest from the Fifth Brother. She tells her fellow Inquisitors that she has found a link between Kenobi and Bail Organa in the archives and that she used Leia as bait to lure him out of hiding. The Grand Inquisitor is furious that Reva disobeyed his orders but she is defiant.

The Fifth Brother accuses Reva of trying to curry favor with their superiors while the Grand Inquisitor reminds her that she is the least of them. The Pau'an reminds the Third Sister of her lowly origins, but Reva accused the Grand Inquisitor of failure. The Grand Inquisitor orders them to secure the city and vows to capture Kenobi himself. He relieves Reva of her duties and warns that she will be disciplined for going rogue. The Grand Inquisitor departs with the other Inquisitors.

However, a defiant Reva places a bounty on Kenobi, which draws the attention of local bounty hunters and criminals. She also contacts Nokru and his associates, explaining that her plan is to draw Kenobi out of hiding so that she can deal with him. Across the Daiyu city, several bounty hunters and criminals receive an alert for Kenobi. Realizing the situation has deteriorated, Kenobi buys Leia a green cape and tells her to pretend that they are a farming family from Tawl.

The hunt for Kenobi[]

While walking through the marketplace, Kenobi advises Leia to keep a low profile. To prove that he is a Jedi, Leia also asks Kenobi to produce his lightsaber. When Kenobi refuses, Leia tries to convince Kenobi to levitate her, but the Jedi is unwilling to expose his cover to the Empire. When Leia asks his name, he tells her that his name is Ben and insists that she trust him. Leia reluctantly reveals that she is ten years old, prompting Kenobi to quip that she does not speak like a ten-year-old.

Meanwhile, Jayco informs Haja about the bounty on Kenobi and the girl Leia. Seeking an opportunity to make money, Haja decides to join the hunt for Kenobi. While walking through a narrow street, Kenobi is accosted by a human bounty hunter but knocks the man unconscious. Elsewhere in the city, the Grand Inquisitor orders the Fifth Brother to lock down the city and to dispatch a garrison within the hour. He also emphasizes the importance of capturing Kenobi, describing him as an exceptional target and an ember of a bygone era.

The Fourth Sister brings a captured bounty hunter and reveals that Reva has posted a bounty on Kenobi. Reva surveys the surrounding area from a high building. While hiding in an alleyway, Leia tends to her damaged droid companion L0-LA59 ("Lola"). She tells Kenobi that she was damaged by the kidnappers. Kenobi reassures her that he will let her parents know that she is safe and will be home by nightfall. Leia tells Kenobi that he can just call her Leia.

Kenobi tend inspects the incapacitated bounty hunter's hologram. Leia notices the hologram and believes that he lied to her. She thinks that the kidnappers kidnapped her as a means of luring Kenobi out of hiding. Leia questions whether her father actually sent him and if he is the real kidnapper. Kenobi pleads with Leia to trust him, stating that he is an old friend of her father. Leia does not believe him and runs away.

The pursuit[]

Leia flees into the marketplace, diving under a lumbering Gigoran and navigating through an animal auction. She runs into the path of a masked bounty hunter who is hunting for Kenobi. He demands to know Kenobi's whereabouts but Kenobi shoots him down. Kenobi also fights a gray skinned humanoid. He follows Leia but she tells him to leave her alone. Leia climbs a ladder while the Inquisitors lead stormtroopers into the marketplace.

Leia reaches the roof and flees across several buildings with Kenobi in pursuit. Tredgar Volk attempts to shoot Kenobi. Kenobi shoots back but the gunshots alert Reva, who leaps over several buildings. Leia continues fleeing with Kenobi in pursuit while dodging fire from Volk, who is joined by the droid bounty hunter 1-JAC.

Meanwhile, Reva uses the Force to collapse an antennae tower, which she uses as an improvised bridge. Kenobi manages to shoot Volk. Against Kenobi's warnings, Leia tries to jump onto another building but the gap is too wide. She tries to cling onto a cable but loses her grip. Kenobi is forced to use the Force to cushion her fall, causing her to drop to the ground lightly. Several pedestrians witness Kenobi's display of Force power. Kenobi's decision to save Leia's life convinces her that he is a genuine Jedi.

An unlikely ally[]

Kenobi and Leia reach the spaceport, only to learn that the authorities have canceled all incoming travel and are scanning passengers. The spaceport is guarded by stormtroopers and Inquisitors. When asked by Leia, Kenobi explains that many of the Inquisitors are former Jedi who turned to the dark side of the Force. Leia questions why the Imperials would target a Jedi like him. The two are surprised by 1-JAC, but Haja shoots the droid bounty hunter.

Thinking that Haja has come to hunt him down, Kenobi pleads with him to let Leia go. Haja tells Kenobi about a second escape route: a fully-automated cargo pod. He tells them to go to Transport 8, which will take them to Mapuzo, where he claims that people who can help them will be waiting. Kenobi distrusts Haja. Haja admits that he has a checkered record and is motivated by credits. However, Haja tells Kenobi that he is trying to make amends, and offers Kenobi a card containing some coordinates. When Kenobi asks if Haja can be trusted, Haja tells him to trust him and reassures Kenobi that he is not alone. Haja agrees to buy Kenobi and Leia enough time to escape.

Meanwhile, the Grand Inquisitor interrogates Nokru with his double-bladed spinning lightsaber, demanding to know Kenobi's location. Nokru says he doesn't know, prompting the Grand Inquisitor to strike him down with his weapon. Meanwhile, Reva meets a disguised Haja in an alleyway. Haja claims that he is a Jedi, but Reva is not interested. Haja attempts to block Reva but she realizes that he is no Jedi. Reva questions him about Kenobi's location, but Haja claims to be the only Jedi around. Reva uses the Force to hurl him against a wall, but he remains defiant. She instead uses a mind probe to obtain Kenobi's whereabouts.

Escaping the Inquisitors[]

Following Haja's instructions, Kenobi and Leia arrive at the cargo port. Kenobi doesn't trust Haja but Leia thinks they should accept help, given their recent adventures. Kenobi says that Leia reminds him of someone who was fearless and stubborn. Leia denies that she is stubborn. When Leia asks if her friend was a Jedi, Kenobi describes her as a leader who had died a long time ago.

Before they can proceed, Reva enters the cargo port. Kenobi and Leia hide behind crates. He tells her to go first while he prepares to fight Reva. Leia enters the cargo shuttle and activates it using the starter key which Haja gave. Reva attempts to lure Kenobi out of hiding, declaring that she will bring him to Darth Vader. She adds that Anakin Skywalker is alive and has been looking for Kenobi for a long time. She boasts of delivering Kenobi to Vader.


Reva declares that Obi-Wan Kenobi cannot escape Darth Vader and the Empire.

However, she is interrupted by the Grand Inquisitor, who has had enough of her insubordination. Reva says that she has found Kenobi, but the Grand Inquisitor responds that he cannot risk her losing him again. He orders the younger Inquisitor to move aside but she stabs him through his torso. While Reva gloats over her wounded superior, Kenobi joins Leia inside the cargo shuttle, which powers up. As the cargo shuttle departs, a frustrated Reva vows that the Empire will find him.

Inside the shuttle, Kenobi senses a disturbance in the Force. Leia notices that he is in distress. Elsewhere, Lord Vader awakes while submerged inside a bacta tank.


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