"Contact Thrawn. Kill Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger. And take your place in the coming Empire."
―Baylan Skoll, to Shin Hati[3]

"Part Seven: Dreams and Madness" is the seventh and penultimate episode of Season 1 of Star Wars Ahsoka. The episode was written by Dave Filoni[1] and directed by Geeta Vasant Patel.[4] It released on September 26, 2023.[2]

Official description[]

Hera must answer to the New Republic while far, far away, a reunion takes place.

Plot summary[]

Syndulla's hearing[]

On Coruscant, General Hera Syndulla stands in the middle of a courtroom. Chancellor Mon Mothma, Senator Hamato Xiono, Fleet Admiral Gial Ackbar, Chopper, Captain Carson Teva, and other senators and military personnel are there. Xiono says that they cannot simply allow a New Republic Security Forces General to go around acting as if this is still the Rebellion. He emphasises that the New Republic is a government with rules and laws, which Syndulla has no problem bending to fit her personal agenda.

Syndulla responds that she was defending the people of the New Republic in the best way she knows how. When Xiono reiterates that she disobeyed direct orders, she responds that she protected the New Republic by disobeying him. This causes murmuring among the senators and officials. Mothma asks Xiono if they can agree that there was an incident on Seatos. Xiono dismisses Syndulla's report as a fairy tale, expressing disbelief at the notions of Jedi, "false Jedi," star maps, purrgil, and distant galaxies.

When Syndulla explains that Morgan Elsbeth was leading a coordinated effort by the Imperial Remnant, Xiono laughed this off and denies that there is any coordination between the scattered Imperial forces and dwindling number of Imperial forces. When Teva asks about the recent events on Mandalore, Xiono dismisses the late Moff Gideon as a warlord acting on his own and denies that there is a conspiracy against the New Republic. Syndulla warns this will change if Thrawn returns and questions Xiono's indifference. Xiono dismisses Syndulla as a general who abuses her position for personal gain and recommends that she be court martialed for disobeying a direct order.

While the senators argue about Hera disobeying orders, C-3P0 enters on behalf of Senator Leia Organa. C-3P0 brings a data transcript that Senator Organa hopes will resolve the matter. Mothma motions for a staff to prepare the transcript despite Xiono's objections. C-3PO says that the transcript proves that Senator Organa personally sanctioned General Syndulla's reconnaissance mission to Seatos and was unaware that Senator Xiono had voted against her mission.

When Xiono protests that the court cannot admit evidence from a mere droid, Chopper whistles in protest but Teva motions for him to calm down. C-3PO asks the other senators to direct their concerns to Organa in her role as leader of the Defense Council. Chancellor Mothma thinks that the data transcript satisfies the matter. Xiono reluctantly drops the proposed court martial and Mothma dismisses the hearing. Syndulla thanks C-3PO, which the protocol droid reciprocates.

In private, Mothma tells Syndulla that she knows that Organa did not authorise her mission. Syndulla responds that Organa did eventually. Mothma then asks how real is the threat of Thrawn's return. Syndulla tells the Chancellor they have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Voyage to Peridea[]

While traveling through the intergalactic void with the Purrgil Ultra, Ahsoka Tano practices with her lightsabers aboard her T-6 shuttle's training room with a hologram of her late master Anakin Skywalker. In the recording, Skywalker warns that she will face formidable adversaries like General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, and Count Dooku. He reminds her to practice her lightsaber forms and tells her to remember what he taught her and to trust her own instincts.

Huyang watches while Tano explains he made about twenty such recordings. Huyang remarks that Skywalker was thoughtful while Tano says that Skywalker was a good master. The droid tells her that the purrgil are reaching the end of their journey, citing their decreasing speed. At the cockpit, Tano resolves to find Sabine Wren. When Huyang points out that their star charts would be useless in another galaxy, Tano says that she came with the enemy, and if they find the enemy, they find Sabine. Huyang agrees this is a logical plan but fears that the purrgil may have taken them to yet another galaxy or a different world and system. Tano thinks the odds are good despite Huyang's pessimism.

The two watch as the purrgil exit hyperspace. Huyang activates the scanner and Tano senses something is wrong. As their T-6 shuttle exits the purrgil's mouth, they discover that the pod of purrgil have flown into an Imperial minefield deployed around the arrival point. Huyang advises Tano to steer their ship towards the planet Peridea where the minefield ends. Though Huyang thinks the space whales will provide them with cover, the purrgil respond by jumping into hyperspace. Tano manages to dodge the space mines and the two sight Elsbeth's Hyperspace transport ring Eye of Sion. When the Eye of Sion deploys several starfighters, Tano flies the ship through the debris field. During the pursuit, one of the enemy starfighters crashes into debris, destroying his ship.


In the tower on Peridea, Thrawn walks into the rotunda, and Captain Enoch's hologram appears in front of Thrawn. Enoch reports that a pod of arriving purrgils triggered the minefield as Thrawn had anticipated. Enoch says among the star whales is a T-6 class Jedi shuttle. Thrawn says it seems that Tano is alive after all. Elsbeth then hands Thrawn a datapad. It has all the information the Inquisitorial database has on Tano. Thrawn reads it. He is surprised that Tano's master is General Anakin Skywalker.

Thrawn then asks Enoch whether he is sure there is only one starship. Enoch says there is only one, and that their fighters have engaged the target and pursued it into the debris field. Thrawn tells Enoch to withdraw the starfighters and have them stand by. Thrawn says that will be all. Enoch's hologram then dissipates. Elsbeth questions why not allow the fighters to follow. Thrawn says there is no need to waste their resources. However, Elsbeth says they will lose them in the debris field without pursuit. Thrawn says she is right, and Jedi are very good at hiding, for they have been practicing for years. Thrawn tells Elsbeth they are getting to know their adversary, and Tano will be unpredictable and dangerous if she resembles her master. Thrawn says they will be one step ahead of Tano no matter which direction she takes.

The Escape[]

The mercenary starfighters give up the pursuit. Tano and Huyang then land on a decomposing purrgil rib cage. Tano then turns off all power. Huyang wonders how the enemy anticipated their arrival, and Tano says Thrawn is behind the attack. Huyang says the enemy has already found Thrawn, and Tano agrees. Huyang says he will run a scan and see if he can find Wren.

The Caravan[]

A caravan of the pod-shaped homes of the Noti moves slowly across a plain. Bridger and a Noti pilot the largest one. The Noti climbs down, and Wren comes up and takes his place. A Noti child waves at Wren. Bridger tells Wren that he is still processing everything she has told him. Bridger talks about the defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Endor and asks if the Emperor died. Wren replies that is what people "said."

Bridger also learns about the New Republic, Garazeb Orrelios training recruits, and Syndulla commanding a fleet. When Bridger says he missed everything, Wren says it has been a while and that she had was beginning to think that they would never find him. Bridger asks how Wren found him because she never said. Wren says it is complicated. Bridger says they can talk about something else.

Wren tells Bridger that Tano took her on as her apprentice. Bridger asks why and congratulates her. He says it makes sense because Wren had trained before. Bridger asks whether Tano is coming. Wren doesn't answer, so Bridger asks if it is complicated. Wren nods. Meanwhile, Skoll, Hati, and a gang of red armored bandits watch the caravan on a hilltop, all sitting astride howlers.


The three red witches enter the rotunda. Thrawn tells the Great Mothers that he needs their assistance. He says Tano is hiding in the purrgil graveyard. Thrawn wants the three witches to find Tano. The Great Mothers unclasp their hands, and three floating orbs hover towards the holographic tactical display. The orbs project red beams of light that connect them, forming a triangle over the hologram. Elsbeth chants an incantation.

On Tano's T-6, Huyang says he can't find Wren. Tano says they don't need a scan, and there's another way. Huyang asks Tano whether she thinks her bond with Wren is that strong. Tano ignores Huyang and calls out to Wren through the Force. Wren is chatting with Bridger, who talks about his relationship with the Noti. Suddenly, Wren's focus drifts off. A sense of realization crosses Wren's face, and a faint smile brushes the corners of her mouth. Wren then quietly says Tano's name.

Elsewhere, Great Mother Klothow smirks and says she has found Tano in the rotunda. The red beams from the golden orbs then converge into a T-shape. The crossing point lowers to a specific location within the projection of the debris field. Thrawn then calls Captain Enoch. Enoch's hologram appears, and Thrawn says Enoch has the coordinates. Thrawn tells his captain to open fire. Back with the caravan, Bridger asks Wren what's happened. Wren answers that she doesn't know exactly, but it's a familiar feeling.

On the T-6, Tano remains lost in her distant stare. Suddenly, turbolasers rain down at them. Huyang is worried, but Tano calms him and says she knows where they're going. Tano then pilots the T-6 out of the ring of purrgil remains. They race towards Peridea. Thrawn compliments Enoch on a job well done. Enoch asks whether they should prepare their defenses. Thrawn answers that they don't need to because they're not the focus of the Jedi's attention. Thrawn says Tano will pursue Wren, which they've wisely sent far away from there. Thrawn tells Enoch to contact the fighter group and have them re-engage the opponent. Enoch's hologram nods.

The hunt[]

On the rolling plains of Peridea, a Noti spots two mounted figures in the distance. Bridger asks Wren if the two figures are friends of hers, which she confirms they are not. In the distance, Baylan Skoll tells his apprentice Shin Hati to contact Thrawn, and orders her to kills Wren and Bridger. He tells her to take her place in the coming Empire. When Hati asks if he is not helping, Skoll tells her that her ambition drives her in one direction while he has a different path. Hati transmits Wren and Bridger's location via comlink to Thrawn. Before they separate, Skoll gives her a final lesson: that impatience will lead to defeat. The red-clad bandits ride their howlers past the two hunters to meet the Noti caravan. After staring at her master momentarily, Hati rides after the bandits.

Enoch informs Thrawn and Elsbeth about Wren and Bridger's location. The Grand Admiral dispatches two gunships to assist the mercenaries. Unaware of Skoll's true intentions, Thrawn tells Elsbeth that if Lord Baylan proves capable, they may yet win the day. In the hangar of the Chimaera, two squads of Nightroopers board two LAAT/le patrol gunships, which fly towards the coordinates.

The red bandits pursue the Noti caravan. Wren exchanges fire with the bandits, who scatter to avoid getting hit. A Noti fires a stone with his slingshot but the stone bounces off the bandit's armor. When Wren asks if the Noti have any weapons, Bridger replies they are a peaceful people. Wren surmises they are defenceless. She exchanges fire with the pursuing bandits and manages to take down several. One of the bandits attempts to fling a spear at a Noti driver but two caravans smash into him. Another bandit attempts to damage the repulsorlifts of a caravan but the driver drives him away with stones.

Wren shoots another pursuer. One of the bandits manages to use his spear to damage a Noti caravan's repulsorlifts, causing it to crash. Unwilling to leave the stranded Noti, Bridger decides to circle the stranded caravan. At Bridger's command, the caravans encircle the stranded vehicle and stop, forming a ring. He tells the Noti to take shelter while he handles the bandits.

In the skies above, Tano's T-6 shuttle is pursued by three of Elsbeth's starfighters. While Skoll watches from a distance, Bridger sights Hati approaching with the bandit leader on howlers. The remaining bandits and their howlers circle the convoy. When Bridger asks who is the human woman, Wren explains that she is another Force-user and lightsaber duellist but without his sense of humour. Wren and Bridger exit their caravan and tell the Noti to stay inside.

Skirmish on the plains[]

Meanwhile, Tano resolves to land but Huyang reminds her of Jedi protocol preventing landing while under attack. When Tano exits the cockpit to join the skirmish below, Huyang tries to argue but she overrules him. As Tano approaches the gangplank, she tells him to disengage the stairs, causing her to slide down. Tano lands safely on the plains of Peridea while Huyang leads the starfighters on a chase. Tano is met by Skoll, who says he did not expect to see her again.

When Tano asks if he is disappointed, Skolls says no but tells her that he cannot allow her to interfere. He draws his lightsaber. Tano replies she doesn't have time for this and draws her lightsabers in response. After a wait, Skoll's charges at Tano and the duel begins.

Meanwhile, two bandits approach Bridger and Wren. When Wren hands him his former lightsaber, Bridger tells her that he doesn't need it and that he gave it to her. When Wren suggests he use blasters, Bridger replies that he doesn't need them either because the Force is his ally. Wren disagrees and the two tussle with the bandits. While Bridger engages in physical combat, Wren fights with both her blaster and her combat skills. Tano fights Skoll with both her lightsabers. Both are evenly matched.

A Noti knocks out one of the bandits with a rock. After tussling with a bandit, Bridger uses the Force to hurl one of the bandits against a caravan. Hati attacks him from behind with her lightsaber. Bridger dodges her strike but she manages to singe a lock of his hair. Bridger tells her it was close before engaging her in physical combat. Wren fights with a bandit before impaling him with her lightsaber. She then joins Bridger's fight with Hati, who is now outnumbered.

Imperial reinforcements[]

However, Thrawn's gunships soon arrive. Wren tells Bridger to take her down. Hati however manages to use the Force to hurl Bridger against a caravan. While Wren engages Hati in a lightsaber duel, Tano and Skoll continue their fight. Skoll manages to gain the advantage and knocks Tano to the ground. Before he can strike her down, she deflects his blade with one of her lightsabers. After parrying, Skoll tells her that she can't beat him. Tano replies that she doesn't have to win.

Huyang flies the T-6 shuttle down and strafes the ground, causing Tano and Skoll to scatter. Huyang leads the fighters away while Tano takes advantage of the smoke to escape. Skoll reflects in silence before continuing with his own quest. Elsewhere, Bridger reassures a Noti he is fine and tells them to take shelter. The two gunships land near the convoy and dispatch several armed Night troopers. A Imperial drone circles above.


Ahsoka Tano arrives

Back at the fortress, Thrawn orders the two teams to use counter-encirclement tandem. Though Elsbeth is confident of victory, Thrawn notices that Skoll is missing. Elsewhere, Wren and Bridger fight with Hati. Wren uses her flamethrower to drive off Hati. Night troopers encircle Bridger and Wren while the Noti watch with fear and panic. Hati orders the Imperials to destroy the fugitives. Bridger offers diplomacy but Hati orders the Night troopers to shoot. Before they can, Tano rides into the convoy on Skoll's howler.

A skirmish ensues and Hati attacks Tano with her lightsaber. Tano throws her to the ground with the Force. Watching from above, Huyang remarks that his friends are back together and hope they can survive the skirmish. Wren fights several Night troopers, taking down several with both physical combat and her blaster. Bridger also battles with the Imperials, using both his Force powers and a stolen blaster. Wren hurls a grenade at three Night troopers, scattering them.

A tactical retreat[]

Watching the battle grid, Thrawn speaks favorably for the combat skills of his Jedi opponents. He orders that the gunships be recalled and terminates the aerial pursuit. Elsbeth is surprised but Thrawn explains that these are unfortunate but acceptable losses in the absence of Lord Baylan. Thrawn thinks that in the grand scheme of things, this fight with Tano was a success. Elsbeth disagrees, saying that she only sees their enemies reunited. Thrawn reveals that the skirmish was a distraction from his plan to transfer the cargo from the Nightsister catacombs aboard the Chimaera. Thrawn says that they will soon be able to leave the forsaken world once the cargo transfer is completed. He surmises that Tano has lost time and that time is on their side now and that he will keep it that way.

As the Imperial drone circles away, the surviving Imperials retreat the skirmish. Wren shoots a retreating Night Trooper but the others board their gunships. Tano appeals to Hati, asking her to surrender and offering to help her. Hati gives a tense and pained look before fleeing away on her howler. Wren wants to pursue her but Tano motions for her not to.

A reunion of friends[]

Tano is relieved to see Wren has survived and embraces Bridger. The two laugh with joy. When Bridger asks Wren if she thought that Tano was dead, Wren quips she was wrong. Huyang arrives in the T-6 shuttle while Bridger introduces Tano.

The Noti leader tells his people it is safe to come out. Bridger speaks with Wren and Tano, telling them that he gets the feeling that he will be coming home after all. The friends and Noti watch Tano's T-6 shuttle circling above.



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