"Very well. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...."
―Professor Huyang, telling Ahsoka Tano a fairytale[3]

"Part Six: Far, Far Away" is the sixth episode of Star Wars Ahsoka. The episode was written by Dave Filoni[1] and directed by Jennifer Getzinger.[4] It released on September 19, 2023.[2]

Official description[]

The search for Grand Admiral Thrawn reaches beyond the limits of the galaxy.

Plot summary[]

A long time ago...[]

As Ahsoka Tano and Huyang travel through hyperspace within the mouth of a purrgil, the two reminisce about stories of the space whales Huyang would tell Tano and the other Jedi younglings at the Jedi Temple. When Tano declines to hear one of the stories, Huyang asks Tano for one. In response, Tano tells Huyang that Sabine Wren went with the enemy willingly, which Huyang regarded as troubling. Tano agrees, but Huyang suggests that the Force provided Wren with some insight in her decision, and that for her, saving Ezra Bridger may have been the only choice. Tano then decides to hear one of Huyang's stories after all. Huyang begins his tale: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...."

The deal[]

Sabine Wren awakens aboard the Eye of Sion inside a prison cell. As Baylan Skoll passes by the cell, Wren jabs that she had hoped for a room with a view. Skoll suggests that her imprisonment would be an opportunity for reflection, something that Wren claimed to avoid. Wren reminds Skoll of their deal regarding finding Bridger; Skoll departs silently as Wren angrily calls out to him.

Skoll returns to the bridge of the Eye, remarking to Morgan Elsbeth about Wren's impatience. When Elsbeth asks Skoll if he intends to follow through on his promise to her, he simply responds that her pursuit of Bridger blinds her and that she may still be of use to them. At that moment, the Eye emerged from hyperspace at Peridea. Elsbeth states how the planet was the ancient homeworld of her people, the Dathomiri, and Skoll recalls the Jedi Archives' stories of the planet and how it was used as the end of the purrgils' migration route from one galaxy to another. Elsbeth tells of how her ancestors were the first to ride the creatures; Skoll remarks on the planet's nature as a purrgil graveyard as the Eye passes through the planet's rings, which are made of purrgil bones.

Shin Hati collects Wren from her cell, and the two along with Elsbeth and Skoll travel to Peridea's surface. The group meets three Nightsisters known as the Great Mothers at a henge similar to the reflex point on Seatos. One of them welcomes Elsbeth as a child of Dathomir, praising her by saying she did their ancestors credit. Elsbeth confirms that the Nighsisters' visions guided them across the stars to Peridea. When the witches mention Grand Admiral Thrawn, Elsbeth asks where he is, to which the Nightsisters announce that he is coming. One witch remarks that Wren "stinks of Jedi" and marks her as dangerous, restricting and sending her away using three floating spheres; as Wren is whisked away, she reminds Skoll again about their deal, asking for Bridger.

Breaking the cycle[]

Skoll and Hati linger at the stone pillars. Skoll states that Peridea is a place of dreams and madness, children's stories come to life. Hati voices that she does not know such stories, as she was not raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Skoll continues, regarding the tales of Peridea as ancient folktales long forgotten. Hati muses that sometimes stories are just stories. Skoll recollects that at slightly older than Hati's age, he watched the Jedi Temple burn and couldn't make sense of it at the time. However, Skoll states that as one ages and learns history, such things reveal themselves as inevitable, such as the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire, repeating in a cycle. Hati asks if it is their turn and if Thrawn's return will finally bring them to power. Skoll regards such power as fleeting, instead claiming to seek a new beginning to bring the cycle to an end. When Hati asks if that beginning is there at Peridea, her master smiles, believing that it is if the stories are true.

The prisoner and the grand admiral[]

Wren, once again in confinement, paces in her cell. She closes her eyes and reaches out with her hand, attempting to open the cell door using the Force. Though the cell begins to rumble, she looks out the window to see the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer, the Chimaera. The ship slowly descends at the hedge to meet Elsbeth's entourage and the Nightsisters. As the ship's hangar meets the pillar, rows of Night Troopers stand guard as Thrawn marches between them. As Thrawn greets his new allies alongside his Captain of the Guard, Enoch, he muses that what was once a dream was now a frightening reality for those who now opposed them, and salutes the Nightsisters. Thrawn notes Elsbeth's efforts in their ability to finally escape exile; he introduces Enoch and announces that he will begin a cargo transfer as per an agreement with the Great Mothers.

Elsbeth tells Thrawn that she has seen the catacombs and that it will take at least three rotations. Thrawn says this is an acceptable timeframe. The witches bring up the prisoner, Wren, whom Skoll reveals he had brought as he believed she would be of use. After being introduced to Thrawn alongside his apprentice as mercenaries, Thrawn remembers him as General Baylan Skoll of the Jedi Order; Skoll assures him that he parted ways with the Jedi long ago. As Elsbeth mentions Wren's name, Thrawn remembers her and agrees that Wren would be of great use to them.

Two Night Troopers bring Wren to Thrawn, who recognizes her and thanks her for his escape from exile. When Wren asks for the whereabouts of Bridger, Thrawn simply states that her desire to reunite with an old friend will reshape their galaxy. When Wren reiterates her question, Thrawn reassures her that he intends to honor their agreement with Skoll. As Enoch removes her restraints, Thrawn promises to outfit her with a mount, provisions and their latest intelligence on Bridger's whereabouts. When Wren asks if Thrawn is going to let her walk out of here, Thrawn says that he is helping her cause to thank her for helping his cause. However, he warns that when his ship leaves, she will be stranded on Peridea forever, adding that Bridger may already be dead. Wren asserts that Bridger is still alive, prompting Thrawn to say that she gambled the fate of her galaxy on that belief. Wren replies that Thrawn wouldn't understand and changes topic to the question of her mount. Enoch and the Night Troopers introduce Wren to her mount, a howler. Enoch says "tota," which prompts the creature to kneel so that Wren can mount its saddle. Enoch warns that the wasteland is inhabited by nomads who prey on each other for survival; the captain returns to Wren her blasters and her lightsaber before telling her to die well. Wren rides out from the gates into a grassy frontier.

Skoll, Hati, Elsbeth, and Thrawn watch Wren's departure from a balcony. Hati states that Wren is embarking on a fool's errand and Thrawn tells Skoll and Hati that they can follow Wren at their own pace. Perplexed, Hati says that she thought Skoll was to honor his agreement not to harm Wren; Thrawn explains that he allowed Wren to leave to find Bridger only so that she and her master can destroy them both.

The search continues[]

As Wren traverses the Peridean steppes atop her howler, the mount eventually comes to a stop and Wren begins to scan for signs of Bridger. Suddenly, a bandit appears and shoots Wren; though the blast hits her beskar armor, leaving her unharmed, her mount is startled and runs off. The assault continues as multiple bandits surround Wren. Despite attacking her with blasters and melee weapons, Wren kills or disarms them all with the aid of her lightsaber. Though the bandits are defeated, her scanner is broken beyond repair, and she continues without it.

At the Nightsister fortress, Skoll and Hati mount their own howlers and chase after Wren. At the Chimaera, the Night Troopers load floating storage containers onto the ship. Enoch announces Skoll and Hati's departure to Thrawn, who allows two squads to support the mercenaries. Elsbeth suggests sending more troops, but Thrawn refuses, citing his force's dwindling numbers in the past years. As Enoch leaves, Thrawn tells Elsbeth that it did not ultimately matter whether Wren and Bridger were left stranded on Peridea or died, and that the same was true for Skoll and Hati.

On the Peridean steppes, Wren, followed by her remorseful howler, berates the beast for abandoning her during the fight with the bandits, dismissing it as a coward. As it continues to follow her, Wren decides to give the creature another chance. After continuing their journey further, the howler leads Wren into a valley, where they discover a puddle and various rocks. As the howler inspects one of the rocks, it jumps up in fear, revealing itself as a Noti. Wren lays down her weapon, attempting to communicate that she means no harm. Once the Noti approaches Wren, it notices the Rebel Alliance starbird symbol on her pauldron and reveals a necklace bearing a symbol that resembles Wren's original starbird design. Wren deduces that this could mean that the alien knows Bridger and asks it if it could lead her to him. The Noti summons others of its kind, forming a huddle and conversing in the Noti language. When Wren asks again for her friend, the Noti beckon for Wren to follow as they continue into the valley.

As Skoll and Hati track down Wren, they discover the remains of the battle between Wren and the bandits, deducing that Wren was still alive. Hati asks her master if he knows the one Wren seeks so desperately; Skoll answers that he does not, as Bridger was trained as a Bokken Jedi in the wild after the fall of the Jedi Temple. Hati likens herself to Bridger in that way, but Skoll asserts that he trained his apprentice to be something more. Hati asks if Skoll missed the Order; Skoll states that he missed the idea of the Order, but not the truth or weakness of it, claiming there was no future there. When Hati wonders if her master saw a future on Peridea, which she regarded as a wasteland, Skoll states that the planet once held the Witch Kingdom of the Dathmiri, as confirmed by the presence of the Great Mothers. Hati fears that there may be a good reason the Nightsisters wanted to leave Peridea, but Skoll reveals that he felt something stirring there, calling to him. At that moment, bandits approach the two, but Skoll discourages violence, stating that the enemy of one's enemy is one's friend.

Still following the Noti, Wren arrives at a Noti settlement beside a lake, telling her howler to wait by the outskirts. As Wren solemnly looks around, she is met by Bridger, who says that he knew he could count on her. As Wren looks upon her friend with joy, Bridger smiles and says that it took her long enough. When Wren responds by saying that nobody knew where he was going, Bridger says the he didn't know either. Wren remarks that Bridger always had a plan, but never a good one. Bridger asks if his plan worked, when Wren confirms; the two warmly embrace, the search for Bridger finally concluded. Bridger tells the Noti to be ready to move, explaining that they are nomadic. Bridger wonders how Wren found Peridea and himself, but Wren deflects the question, asking if she can just be happy that she found him. Bridger complies, and thanks Wren for coming, saying that he couldn't wait to go home.

Another comes[]

Back at the Nightsister fortress, the Great Mothers announce to Thrawn that a Jedi is coming to Peridea. Thrawn asks Elsbeth if the Jedi could be Tano, who was regarded as deceased after her duel with Skoll. Though Elsbeth regards this as impossible as Skoll assured her of Tano's death, Thrawn maintains that Elsbeth should not have underestimated a Jedi and that death was a common deception among both them and Nightsisters. Thrawn asserts that they should regard Skoll's judgement as flawed, as he was once a Jedi, and that they would consider Tano alive until they knew otherwise. The Grand Admiral requests to know everything about Tano, including her history, homeworld and master, adding that if a purrgil approaches Peridea to destroy it with prejudice. Thrawn turns to the Great Mothers, requesting to once again make use of their dark magick.


Thrawn asks to know the identity of Ahsoka Tano's master, implying he is unaware of who trained her. However, in the novel Thrawn: Alliances, Thrawn meets Anakin Skywalker and is told about Tano's Marg Sabl maneuver by Padmé Amidala, who refers to Tano by name and states she was Skywalker's Padawan.[6] He could be referring to know more about her relationship with Skywalker. However, it is revealed in the subsequent episode that he was not aware that Tano was Skywalker's Padawan.



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