"Marrok, form up on my wing and wait for my signal."
"As you wish."
―Shin Hati and Marrok[5]

"Time to Fly" is the third episode of Star Wars Ahsoka. The episode was written by Dave Filoni[1] and directed by Steph Green.[3] It was released on August 29, 2023.[2]

Official description[]

Hera tangles with New Republic politics while Ahsoka and Sabine Wren voyage to a distant planet.

Plot summary[]

Sabine's Training[]

On Ahsoka Tano's T-6 shuttle, Huyang and Sabine Wren are training. Huyang holds four hologram blades while Wren parries with a wooden blade. Huyang assesses that Wren's lightsaber skills are mediocre. Wren thinks it is enough to get by but Huyang disagrees. When Tano suggests that Wren try Zatochi, Huyang thinks that Wren is not ready for that technique. Huyang leaves the training room.

When they are alone, Tano observes that Wren derives her skills from her Mandalorian equipment but warns that they will not be enough to defeat the enemy. Tano tells Wren that she must not only train her body but also open her mind, adding that learning to wield the Force takes a deeper commitment. When Wren asks how Tano replies that is something she must discover. Wren tells Tano that Huyang thinks she is the worst Jedi candidate that he has encountered. This rankles Tano but Wren doesn't care.

After the session, Tano gives Wren a blast helmet and a wooden bokken sabre. When Wren says she can't see through the blast helmet, Tano replies that she wants her to see with more than just her eyes. She tells Tano to be still and to use her voice to find her. During the first try, Wren guesses that Tano is beside Huyang but Tano points out she is actually in front of her. When Tano warns that she would be dead in a real fight, Wren retorts not if I could see you.

Tano tells Wren to lower her visor and concentrate. While Wren poses with her wooden blade, Tano counsels her to sense her presence and to follow her voice. She also tells Wren to sense her intention. Tano taps Wren with her bokken many times, and Wren fails to counterstrike. Wren then fiercely attacks Tano, but she blocks her attacks easily. Tano then sweeps a foot out of Wren. Following the lesson, Tano warns that anger and frustration are quick to give power, but that they also unbalance you. Huyang watches the proceedings. Tano invites Wren for a second round.

Meeting on the Home One[]

Aboard Home One, General Hera Syndulla walks through a corridor to attend a meeting with Chancellor Mon Mothma and several senators to request backup to investigate the cargo transport that escaped to the Denab system. Before entering the conference room, First officer Vic Hawkins warns her that Hamato Xiono is one of the senators present. Chancellor Mothma and the senators attend the meeting via holoprojectors.

When Mothma asks how Syndulla's son Jacen Syndulla is doing, Syndulla suggests her son is playing Chopper. After exchanging pleasantries, Senator Xiono insists that they proceed with business. Syndulla explains that her investigation into the attack on the Vesper led her to the Santhe Shipyards on Corellia where she was attacked by Imperial loyalists working for Morgan Elsbeth. Senator Rodrigo vouches for the loyalty of most former Imperials working at various levels and sectors in the New Republic government. Syndulla replies that those saying "long live the Empire" is not the kind of loyalty they are looking for.

Mothma says that it was her understanding that the loyalists were arrested and that the facility was shut down pending further investigation. Syndulla confirms this is the case but believes that this is part of a larger operation involving Grand Admiral Thrawn. Xiono suggests that Syndulla is trying to make a big deal of the incident while Mothma expresses shock that Thrawn is still alive. Syndulla believes that Thrawn is alive and seeks permission to lead a task force to the Denab system to investigate the matter.

Xiono objects to her rejects and suggests that Syndulla is conveniently using the New Republic's forces for her quest to find Ezra Bridger. Syndulla responds that Bridger disappeared while fighting Thrawn. Xiono accuses her of using the convenience of Thrawn's return to acquire resources that could be used for a more practical purpose such as helping the people of the Republic. In response, Syndulla asks Xiono if he served in the Galactic Civil War, prompting Xiono to reply no. Syndulla asks if Xiono was waiting by the fence to see who comes on top.

Senator Mawood reassures Syndulla that he and his colleagues are grateful to her for her service and role in restoring the Republic. Mawood says that he and his fellow senators serve the people of the New Republic, who want no part in any further conflict. Syndulla responds that Mawood acts like he has a choice, prompting Rodrigo to argue that the Imperial remnants and their scattered fleet no longer pose a threat to the New Republic. Syndulla warns that Thrawn's return would change that situation. Xiono asks her to state her case.

Syndulla warns the senators that Thrawn is not their typical Imperial officer, stating that he killed friends including people who were like family to her. Syndulla says that she spent most of her life fighting a war and that she wants to convince them to help her prevent a new one. Xiono opines that Thrawn and Bridger died during the Liberation of Lothal. Syndulla starts to get angry, but Mothma tells Syndulla to give her a moment to speak with the other senators.

Syndulla, Hawkins and a Mon Calamari officer exit the conference room and are joined by Jacen and Chopper. Jacen asks his mother if it is true that "Aunt" Sabine is going to be a Jedi. When Syndulla asks where he heard that, Jacen says that Chopper told him. Chopper grunts in Binary while Jacen tells his mother that wants to be a Jedi. Syndulla touches his shoulder and reassures him that she knows that.

Approaching Seatos[]

Meanwhile, Tano compliments Wren for being a fast learner in the sparring class. Wren says she can handle weapons but that she struggles with the rest of it. Wren asks if Tano could expedite her training due to the situation. Tano replies that it does not work like this. Wren admits that she cannot feel the Force in the same way as Tano. Tano responds that the Force resides in all living things including Wren. When Wren asks why not all people can use it, Tano replies that talent is a factor, and that training and focus are what define success. Tano says not everyone has the discipline needed to master the Force. Tano places her cup on the table and advises Wren to start small. Wren promises to do her best.

Back in the cockpit, Huyang tells Tano that he has not heard from Syndulla about reinforcements from the New Republic. When Huyang asks about Wren's progress, Tano says that Wren is frustrated and still finds it challenging. Huyang points out that both of them knew it wouldn't be easy. When Tano raises the matter of Huyang saying that Wren had little potential, the droid counters that he only spoke the truth. He says that the Jedi Order would not have accepted her and defends the Jedi standards.

When Huyang points out that few Mandalorians have become Jedi, Tano counters that she does not need Wren to be a Jedi. She needs her to be herself. Huyang remarks that Tano comes from a long line of non-traditional Jedi, and that she would fit right in. Meanwhile in the lounge, Wren reflects on Tano's word that the Force is all living things and attempts to use the Force to summon a cup. Tano speaks over the intercom and tells Wren that she has received word from Syndulla.

Wren enters the cockpit and joins the holo-conference with General Syndulla. Syndulla regrets that neither she nor the New Republic Defense Fleet will be able to join them at Seatos. Syndulla explains that the Senate Committee refused to approve the mission. Before Syndulla can finish, the transmission is cut off. Huyang informs the others that they have entered the Denab system, where all comm transmissions are being jammed. At Tano's prompting, Huyang takes the ship out of hyperspace at a significant distance from the planet, per Jedi mission protocol for approaching an unknown situation. When Wren asks, Tano explains this is part of Huyang's programming.


Huyang reports that his last scan indicates that the runaway transport was orbiting the far side of Seatos. However, he also reports a second object with an unknown signature. Just then, the proximity alarm rings. Six starfighters including Shin Hati and Marrok converge on Tano's T-6 shuttle. While Huyang identifies the "hostiles," Syndulla sends Wren to man the ship's tail gun. Hati sends starfighters "two" and "three" to shadow Tano's ship. As the starfighters harry the T-6 shuttle, Wren tells Tano over the intercom to hold the ship steady. Tano tells Wren to learn how to anticipate.

Wren fires back but the enemy starfighters prove too nimble for her. Tano asks Huyang about the object but he offers some theories. Tano replies now is not the time. Hati pursues Tano's shuttle. Tano asks Wren what she needs. Wren tells her to move on her signal and the two coordinate their next move. Working together, Tano takes the ship on a dive and drives a wedge between the two enemy squadrons. Wren manages to shoot one of the enemy starfighters.

In response, Hati tells Two-Six to fly with her. The remaining enemy fighters enter into formation. Working together, Wren manages to shoot down two more starfighters. Huyang manages to gain sight of the unidentified object, which he believes to be a Hyperdrive ring. Tano says she would like to investigate and flies towards the ring. Hati informs Morgan Elsbeth that the intruders are approaching the Eye of Sion. Elsbeth is disappointed with Hati for letting the intruders get so far but vows to deal with them. She tells Hati and her starfighters to steer clear and orders the pilot droids to prepare the turbolasers.

Meanwhile, Hati tells Marrok to form up on her wing and wait for her signal. As the fighters break off, Huyang tells Tano to keep the ship steady while he attempts to run his scan of the Eye of Sion. When the navigator droid informs Elsbeth the turbolasers are ready, she orders them to shoot Tano's ship. Tano's ship dodges the fire. Wren enters the cockpit and mans the deflector shields while Huyang conducts his scan of the hyperspace ring. Despite the intense enemy bombardment, Huyang tells Tano to fly the ship closer. Wren warns deflectors are at ten percent.

Huyang completes his scan just as Tano's ship is hit. The ship and Huyang lose power. Wren is worried about Huyang but Tano tells her to focus on the ship. Meanwhile, Hati confirms that Tano's ship has lost power and tells Elsbeth that she and her remaining starfighters will talk over the situation. Wren informs Tano that their back-up systems are working but that their hyperdrive and cannons are inoperable. Wren also warns Tano about the incoming enemy starfighters. While Wren works on restoring the systems, Tano exits the starship in a spacesuit with her white lightsabers.

Marrok and Hati spot her on the wing of her shuttle and shoot at her. Tano dodges enemy fire during the first round while Wren works on restoring the ship's systems. Hati and her squadron mates return for a second run. Tano uses one of her lightsabers to slice through a fourth starfighter, causing it to explode in space. Tano is swept into space and asks Wren if she has finished. Wren manages to restore the ship's systems and uses the shuttle's wings to pick up Tano. Tano flees inside the ship before Hati can shoot her. Wren then takes Tano's ship into the planet's atmosphere with Hati and Marrok in pursuit.


Wren and Tano lead their pursuers through the stormy clouds of Seatos. They encounter a pod of purrgil and fly around the massive space whales. Hati and Marrok continue their pursuit of Tano's ship. Tano and Wren use the massive beasts' hulk and tentacles to make it harder for their pursuers to catch them. After losing their pursuers, Tano and Wren take their ship below the clouds towards the sea. Huyang reboots due to his back-up system and asks what they missed. Tano and Wren tell him that they almost died several times.

Tano and Wren fly the ship over the red forests and land in a clearing. Per Jedi protocol, Wren shuts down the ship and Huyang despite the latter's protest. They then wait for the enemy starfighters to fly over them. Hati asks if there is any sign of the enemy. Marrok says he doesn't see them. Hati thinks that their enemies are hiding in the forests and decides they should regroup. When the enemy passes, Tano switches Huyang back on. Tano asks Wren if she is alright. Wren explains that she hasn't seen purrgil since the day that Bridger disappeared.

Huyang tells Tano and Wren that the enemy structure is still under construction. He explains that there are six hyperdrives in place with the final one being installed. Wren concludes that the structure is a hyperspace ring. Huyang remarks that he has never seen a ring being built on this scale before. Based on the ship's engines and configuration, he estimates that it would be capable of a hyperspace jump of astonishing speed and distance. When Tano asks if a hyperdrive ring like that could travel to another galaxy, Huyang says that this could work theoretically if one knew the coordinates and navigation. He recalls that the Jedi Archives spoke of intergalactic hyperspace lanes between galaxies which used to follow the migration paths of purrgil.

Meanwhile, Baylan Skoll assembles a task force of HK-87 assassin droids and Scout guards. He orders them to hunt down the Jedi who have taken refuge in the forest.



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