"Part VI" is the sixth and the final episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi and aired on June 22, 2022.[1]

Plot summary[]

Hunters approaching[]

In Anchorhead on Tatooine, the foreman Groff Ditcher jumps a queue outside a beverages stall. The former Inquisitor, Reva Sevander pushes the man aside and asks the vendor about a farmer named Owen Lars.

Meanwhile in space, Darth Vader's Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator pursues Kawlan Roken's freight transport. Roken informs the passengers that the hyperdrive is almost ready and orders that power be redirected to the rear deflector shields. Their plan is to travel to Tessen. In private, Roken confides with Obi-Wan Kenobi that the ship's motivator is damaged and they are running out of time. Princess Leia Organa uses her droid L0-LA59 (Lola) to comfort Corran and his mother. Kenobi has an idea and asks Leia if he could borrow her droid.

Back on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker and his uncle Owen Lars visit a mechanic to obtain a new belt for their landspeeder. A human man named Dardin Shull speaks to Owen, telling him that there is something he needs to know. Back on Roken's ship, Leia is upset about about Kenobi's plan to leave them in order to draw Lord Vader away. Corran's mother reminds him about staying together. Kenobi pleads with Roken, Leia, and the other passengers to consider his plan. He convinces Haja Estree to look after Leia in his absence.

Owen Lars and Luke return to the Lars homestead. Owen tells his wife Beru Whitesun Lars that Reva is coming for Luke and that they need to flee with Luke. Beru refuses to leave and convinces her husband that they should stand and fight. The two retrieve hidden blasters from their home.

Baiting Lord Vader[]

Aboard Roken's ship, Haja has spoken with Leia and gives Kenobi space to talk to her. While Leia is upset that Kenobi won't be coming home with her, she reluctantly accepts Kenobi's decision. Kenobi tells Leia to tell her father Senator Bail Prestor Organa about his efforts to rescue her. Kenobi also hands Leia the late Tala Durith's empty gun holster as a parting present. The two embrace and Leia tells Kenobi to come back. Before leaving, he resolves to face Vader one more time, even if it leads to his death.

As Kenobi heads to the drop ship, Roken tries to reason with him again, saying that they can fix the hyperdrive. Roken accepts Kenobi's decision, realizing that the Jedi has unfinished business with Lord Vader. Before leaving, Kenobi tells Roken that the Rebellion needs more leaders like him. Kenobi flies the drop ship out of Roken's freighter, drawing the attention of the Imperials, who detect one lifeform aboard. The Grand Inquisitor counsels Lord Vader to continue their pursuit of The Path's ship, opining that they should not prioritize one Jedi. Vader counters that this is no ordinary Jedi before ordering the Devastator to pursue Kenobi's ship.

Parallel struggles[]

At the Lars homestead, the Lars family prepares to face Reva. Owen warns Luke that the Tusken Raiders are going to attack their farm. While they plan to stay and fight, he warns Luke to run if anything goes wrong. Owen and Beru reassure their nephew that things will be fine. Meanwhile, Kenobi flies his starship to a rocky moon covered with rocky pinnacles. Vader orders his crew to prepare his shuttle and vows to face Kenobi alone. As Vader flies down to the moon to face his former master, Kenobi leaves Lola inside the ship's cockpit.


The lightsaber blades of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader clash.

While Reva approaches the perimeter of the Lars homestead, Vader lands his shuttle on the barren moon. Vader finds Kenobi nearby and asks if he has come to destroy him. Kenobi replies that he will do as he must before igniting his lightsaber. Vader vows that Kenobi will die and the two engage in a lightsaber duel.

Reva enters the inner courtyard of the Lars homestead and ignites her lightsaber. Owen and Beru open fire on Reva, blasting her. Reva deflects their blasts with the lightsaber. Meanwhile, Kenobi and Vader continue fighting on the rocky moon. Kenobi attempts to collapse a pinnacle on Vader, who notices that his strength has returned. Vader uses the Force to hurl part of the monolith back at Kenobi before the two cross blades. Vader uses the Force to cause the ground beneath Kenobi to collapse. He then attempts to bury his former master under the rocks. Believing himself victorious, Vader taunts Kenobi for thinking he could defeat him.

Back at the Lars homestead, Reva corners Owen and disarms him. She senses through the Force that Owen cares Luke as his own, prompting Owen to state that he sees Luke as his own. When Owen asks what Reva wants, she replies that she wants justice. Owen attacks Reva with a metal stick but she breaks it with her lightsaber and tosses him off a bridge onto the ground. When Reva enters the building, Beru punches her in the face. Though Reva quickly pushes Beru aside, this delay allows Luke to flee through an opening in the roof into the desert. Reva pursues Luke into the desert.

Triumph and mercy[]

While using the Force to keep the rocks from burying him, Kenobi is haunted by memories of his previous fights with Lord Vader. However, he closes his eyes and focuses on memories of Luke and Leia, which motivate him to scatter the rocks and debris pinning him down. As Vader heads back towards his starship, Kenobi sneaks up on his former Padawan and strikes at him with his lightsaber. Now more one with the Force, Kenobi outmaneuvers Vader and Force pushes him against a pillar. He levitates dozens of stones and then pummels Vader with them. When Kenobi goes in for another strike, a weakened Vader is forced to defend himself.

Back on Tatooine, Luke flees into Beggar's Canyon with Reva hot in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Kenobi damages Vader's armor and life support system with a combination of lightsaber strikes and rocks. After overpowering Lord Vader, Kenobi deals a decisive blow upon his helmet, damaging his mask and exposing the left side of his scarred face. Kenobi addresses him as Anakin Skywalker, prompting Vader to respond that Anakin is gone and that he is all that remains. Kenobi is visibly heartbroken and tearfully apologizes to Anakin. Vader replies that he is not his failure and that Kenobi did not kill Anakin. With a feral smile, Vader replies that he killed Anakin and vows to destroy Kenobi as well. Kenobi's anguish turns to resignation and he forlornly responds that his friend is truly dead before bidding the Dark Lord farewell. As Kenobi leaves, Vader calls out to him while rising to his feet. Defeated, he screams Kenobi's name once again in helpless fury as Kenobi departs the rocky moon in his starship.

Reva's choices[]

Elsewhere, Reva uses the Force to dislodge the rock that Luke is standing on, knocking him unconscious. While traveling through hyperspace, Kenobi senses Luke is in danger. Reva attempts to kill Luke with her lightsaber but is haunted by flashbacks of the Great Jedi Purge and Darth Vader. She also sees a vision of her younger self in the place of Luke.

Kenobi lands near the Lars homestead and finds Owen and Beru searching frantically for Luke. Reva approaches them while carrying the unconscious Skywalker. As she lays Skywalker down, the boy begins stirring much to the relief of Owen and Beru. While the Lars carrying their nephew to safety, Kenobi faces Reva. Reva tells him that she could not kill Skywalker and that she failed to avenge her fellow younglings' deaths at the hands of Lord Vader.

Kenobi reassures Reva that she has not failed, stating that she has brought peace and honor by showing mercy. He also tells Reva that she has not fallen to the dark side and adds that she is free to choose her own destiny. Reva sheds tears before laying down her Double-bladed spinning lightsaber. Kenobi helps Reva to her feet and reassures her that they are both free.

Vader's resolve[]


Darth Vader contacts his master, Emperor Palpatine, after his confrontation with Kenobi.

At Fortress Vader, the repaired Darth Vader informs Darth Sidious that he has dispatched probe droids to hunt down Kenobi. The Emperor notices that Vader is agitated and questions whether his apprentice is affected by his feelings for his former master. Vader responds that Kenobi means nothing and reaffirms his loyalty to his Sith Master. Vader sits on his throne.

Parting as friends[]

On Alderaan, Princess Leia dresses and combs her own hair. Breha Organa is surprised and delighted to see her daughter sporting her holster. She joins her parents in receiving a guest who has arrived in a starship. Leia tells Bail that she has discovered other ways to lead but says that she would like to change some things. Bail invites her to work together to change things.

Leia is delighted to see Kenobi and her droid Lola. Kenobi embraces Leia and her parents. While Bail says that they can never repay him, Kenobi reassures them that she has already done that. Bail expresses concerns about the growing might of the Galactic Empire. Kenobi tells them that they can count on him. Leia asks Kenobi what he should do now. Kenobi decides he should rest after their adventures.

Kenobi tells Leia that she is wise, discerning, and kindhearted, which he describes as qualities from her mother. He also describes Leia as passionate, fearless, and forthright, which he attributes to her father. He tells Leia that her parents were exceptional people who bore an exceptional daughter. Before departing, Kenobi tells Leia that she can turn to him for help but stresses the need to be careful. Leia and her adoptive parents watch as Kenobi departs on his ship.

Meeting Luke[]

Back on Tatooine, Kenobi departs his cave with a toy in his rucksack. He rides on an eopie towards the Lars homestead, where Luke is playing. Owen asks what Kenobi is doing here. Kenobi accepts that Luke should be allowed to grow up like any ordinary boy. He also allows Owen to remain Luke's protector, which he vows to. Owen allows Kenobi to meet Luke. After meeting Luke, Kenobi rides back on his eopie into the desert.

While approaching Beggar's Canyon, Kenobi is greeted by the Force spirit of his late Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Kenobi is surprised to see his former master but Qui-Gon replies that he was just not ready to see. Qui-Gon says that he still has some distance to travel before the two continue their journey through Beggar's Canyon.


"Part VI" aired on June 22, 2022 as the finale to Obi-Wan Kenobi.[1] A director's commentary from Deborah Chow released in Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Complete Series.[5]


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