A particle cannon turret

The particle cannon turret was a type of turret-mounted particle beam cannon used by many governments and organizations. It was a heavy ground weapon with a great amount of firepower and a fair amount of splash damage.


The Clone Wars[]

It was used at the Battle of Mygeeto. The 501st Legion destroyed two of them to clear a path for Ki-Adi-Mundi. They were also used during the Battle of Felucia as the Separatists' primary defenses, until they were destroyed by clone heavy troopers, and an AT-TE. They were also used on Kashyyyk by the Republic and Wookiees. The Particle cannon turret was also on Naboo during the Imperial invasion. Particle cannon turrets were also found on many capital ships, including Venator-class Star Destroyers, Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, Imperial II-class Star Destroyers, Mon Calamari cruisers and Providence-class carrier/destroyers and ground units such as AT-ATs, T4-B heavy tank, AATs and many more.

Galactic Civil War[]

In the Battle of Hoth, while defending the ion cannon crew, Renegade Squadron was commanded to build a particle cannon turret to destroy an AT-AT while using the power generator of a crashed LAAT/i as a power source.



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