A particle disintegrator warhead fired from the Galaxy Gun

A particle disintegrator warhead was a weapon utilized by the Galactic Empire. It was carried by projectiles fired from the Galaxy Gun.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Particle disintegrator warhead schematics

A particle disintegrator warhead depended on an external powerplant to ignite a nuclear chain reaction, which was perpetuated into previously inert materials, causing complete destruction on a molecular level. The only check on the extent of the chain reaction was the magnitude of the power supply. A typical warhead had the capacity to destroy an entire planet, although the chain reaction could be moderated to affect just a select continent or city. The warhead also required optimal timers to detonate, and any faulty components to the timers will carry the risk of the warhead becoming a dud. This was especially evident during the Destruction of the Nespis VIII spaceport, where the first warhead fired at the Space City of Nespis VIII failed to detonate upon impact just as the New Republic High Command was about to evacuate, due to the timers being made of faulty components made from Bonadan. The warheads when launched are also outfitted with extensive shielding in order to ensure that the missile cannot be shot down before reaching the target.

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