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A particle shield or navigational shield[1] was a type of deflector shield used to deflect physical projectiles or space debris. The shield had to be deactivated to launch spacecraft such as shuttles or starfighters, or if a starship wished to fire its own projectiles.[2]

In 23 BBY, during a mission to Fondor, though the particle shield of Anakin Skywalker's borrowed CloakShape fighter held up in the explosive aftermath of the destruction of Groodo the Hutt's counterfeit Sun Runner transport, Skywalker was forced to finish the job when he noticed that the derelict's 20-warhead sensor-guided missile silo was still intact and on a trajectory towards Fondor's jungle-moon of Nallastia. Aiming the CloakShape's concussion-missile launcher at the silo, Skywalker was successful in destroying it, but the powerful blast's shock waves sent his fighter into an out-of-control spiral, down through Nallastia's atmosphere to the moon's surface, where it crash-landed. Skywalker was later retrieved by his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Bultar Swan.[3]



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