The Parting Gift was a small, heavily armored, twelve-passenger Sandalso LuxiCruiser yacht in use in 44 ABY. In that year, the new Imperial Remnant Head of State Vitor Reige gave it to the previous Head of State, Jagged Fel as a gift. Fel flew it when he was called to pick up Captain Han Solo, Solo's wife, Leia, their granddaughter, Allana, and their escorts—Jedi Knight Zekk, the Hapan Taryn Zel, and several Hapan commandos—from the New Jedi Temple. The Solos had gone in with their escort to rescue the nest and younglings of Barabel Jedi Knights Tesar Sebatyne, Dordi, Wilyem, and Zal. Although several Hapans and some of the younglings were killed as they fought the Sith forces that had occupied the Temple, the extraction was successful. On the mission, the Parting Gift also transported Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne and former Jedi Tahiri Veila, along with Void Jumper Master Sergeant Gef Olazon and a unit of his Void Jumper marines to the Temple. During the extraction, Master Sebatyne, Veila, Olazon, and the Void Jumpers entered the Temple to hunt down Abeloth—a dark side entity who had moved her presence into the Temple's computer core.

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