"Party Ewok" is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Bob Carrau and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on December 13, 1986.

Plot summary[]

Party hostess[]

The episode opens with Wicket and Teebo sleeping after one of Kneesaa's parties. While the others are falling asleep, Kneesaa invites her friends to look at her acorn collection but they are too tired. Kneesaa grumbles about her unsuccessful party. Her father Chief Chirpa asks how her party is going. When Kneesaa expresses frustration, Chirpa thinks that his daughter is not quite ready for a special job he has in mind. He explains that he will be going on a short journey tomorrow and to expect Prince Delby's arrival prior to his return.

Latara grows excited after hearing that a Prince is visiting. Since Kneesaa is a future Chief, Chirpa wants her to throw a welcoming party. Kneesaa is worried but Latara is enthusiastic and claims that Kneesaa will throw the best welcoming party that Bright Tree Village has ever seen. Latara offers to help Kneesaa and begins delegating. She appoints Wicket in charge of party publicity and makes Teebo in charge of entertainment.

Latara volunteers to help make Kneesaa the perfect hostess by dressing her in an elaborate costume. Kneesaa thinks about show the prince her acorn collection but Latara thinks the prince won't be interested. Meanwhile, Wicket begins plastering posters on trees with the help of the bordok Baga. The posters draw the attention of several forest animals, a talking tree, and two rough looking humanoids known as the Pugs who look forward to seeing babes, music, and things to destroy. They race off on their vrooms to tell the others.

The Pug gatecrashers[]

Later that evening, the Ewoks prepare lanterns, tables and dances. Latara is annoyed with Teebo's choice of recruiting a wokling music band. Teebo disagrees. A nervous Kneesaa exits the tent and tells Latara that she feels ridiculous. Latara thinks she looks divine while Wicket questions her choice of droids

Just then, a gang of Pugs riding vrooms gatecrash on Kneesaa and Latara's party for Prince Delby. The Ewoks initially mistake the newcomers for Prince Delby and his entourage. Kneesaa greets the Pugs but their leader and his men laugh at her. He asks where is the food before slapping her in the back, causing Kneesaa to stumble. The Pugs begin gorging themselves on the food much to the horror of Master Logray who apologizes for Chief Chirpa's absence.

The Pugs demand music. Teebo leads the wokling band, who begin playing drums. The big-sized Pugs make the Ewoks feel uncomfortable, barging into some of them. Wicket tells Kneesaa and Latara that those guests do not look like royalty. Kneesaa decides to check her father's hut for information on Prince Delb. Inside, she finds three Pugs ransacking her family home. When she denounces them as common thieves, two of them kidnap her and stuff her in a duffle bag.

Rescuing Kneesaa[]

The gang then leaves. A furry rodent tells the Ewoks that the guests don't look like princes. Latara tries to save face by claiming the party was a success. The rodent tells the Ewok that their guests were the vicious Vroom gang, the meanest in the forest. The Pugs ride away into the forest as Kneesaa cries for help. Wicket and the others realize that she is missing and go after them.

Kneesaa demands that the Pugs release her but their leader claim that her home is with them. Wicket, Latara and Teebo give chase in a wagon pulled by Baga. They travel through the Pugs' formation but their leader spots them. Wicket manages to untie Kneesaa and she jumps. The Ewoks then proceed to recover their stolen property from the Pugs. Kneesaa uses a lasso to secure a rucksack. The Ewoks then flee down an intersecting path in the forest.

The Pugs' leader tells his gang to pursue them but the Pugs end up crashing into each other. The Pugs continue their pursuit. Meanwhile, Baga and the Ewoks crash into a rock, causing the wagon to tip over. With the pugs approaching, Wicket uses a party cape to write an improvised message which he posts on a rock. Believing there is another party, the Pugs ride away. Wicket explains that he told them that there is a big party at the Dulok Swamp.

A kindred spirit[]

As daylight breaks, Wicket leads the Ewoks back to Bright Tree Village. Returning home, Kneesaa is dismayed at the mess left behind by the Pugs. Latara suggests that Kneesaa to change into her party dress. Kneesaa decides that she won't change herself but will be who she is. Kneesaa is greeted by Chief Chirpa, who introduces his daughter to Prince Delby. Kneesaa curtsies as Chirpa explains that he ran into the prince on his way home.

Prince Delby apologizes for missing Kneesaa's party since he stopped on the way to gather some new pieces for his acorn collection. Kneesaa is delighted that Delby also collects acorns and volunteers to show him her collection. The furry rodent blows a party horn before waving his paws in the air.



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Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka wearing a new dress, and Latara.

Princess Kneesaa greeting Prince Delby.



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Notes and references[]

  1. SWInsider.png "Star Wars Publications Timeline"—Star Wars Insider 23 dates the events of the Ewoks animated series, which include the events of "Party Ewok," to three years after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which corresponds to 3 ABY, according to The New Essential Chronology.
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