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"He's a Parwan. His blood can take the electrolytic serum."
―"Rako Hardeen," on Derrown[src]

Parwans were a sentient species[1] native to Parwa.[7] During the Clone Wars, the Parwan Derrown was considered one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy.[3]

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Biology and AppearanceEdit

Parwans are a sentient species with long tentacle like feet appendages and fingers. They possess three eyes, a mushroom shaped head, three fingers, and four leg tentacles. Among the notable abilities of Parwans are their ability to "float," produce electrical fields, and depending on the blood type, able to withstand electrolytic serum. Although certain Parwans such as Gubacher were able to speak Galactic Basic, Derrown did not.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Derrown's design stems back to a piece of artwork done by Ron Cobb for an odd and colorful cantina alien for Episode IV that was never created. The original piece describes the alien as a tropical, ambulatory plant, while the final alien is more of a sentient gasbag."
―The Box Trivia Gallery[src]

The piece of concept art the Parwan species was based off from Ron Cobb.

The Parwan species first appeared in "The Box," the seventeenth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fourth season,[3] which originally aired on February 3, 2012.[9] Its design was based upon an unused cantina alien developed by Ron Cobb for Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[1]



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