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Parwans were a sentient species native to the planet Parwa.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The species were tall and gangly, with arms ending in three-fingered hands. They also had four dangling tentacles on the lower half of their bodies. They had three eyes and a mushroom-like head. Parwans had a unique physiology in that their bodies were essentially ambulatory bags of gas, which made them lighter than air. The species could float on wind currents, and used their tentacles and arms to tether themselves to the ground.

The species also produced a naturally high electrical field, and crackled with the energy their bodies produced. Parwan could withstand high levels of electric power, and liquids, though this depended on the two different blood types.

Parwans in the galaxyEdit

Derrown was a Parwan bounty hunter in operation during the Clone Wars. Participating in a contest in an arena called the Box, Derrown used a serum that allowed him to pass through ray shields; the serum was poisonous to other species.[1]

Gubacher was a mechanic in the service of the Jedi Order.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The design for the Parwan species was created based upon a piece of concept art of the Revwien species.[4]



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