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A silver protocol droid briefly belonged to the Human Major Pash Cracken[2] of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet[4] in 29 ABY, the final year of the Yuuzhan Vong War.[1] As a protocol droid, it was[2] a third-degree droid, programmed to interact with organic beings.[3] Droid and owner alike were among a group of Galactic Alliance members held prisoner by the Yuuzhan Vong—an extra-galactic species of religious zealots who had invaded and waged war on the known galaxy—at a prison compound on the planet Selvaris, Cracken having been captured[2] during a battle at the Bilbringi Shipyards[4] late in the previous year.[1]

The protocol droid calculated the odds of escaping the compound at roughly 1,000,000 to one. Shortly thereafter, it was one of several dozen droids publicly immolated and destroyed by the prison's Yuuzhan Vong priests in a fire pit located outside of the compound's gates. Despite its calculations, several inmates were later able to escape with the aid of the intelligence-gathering Ryn Network, an organization of whose presence on Selvaris the protocol droid had been unaware.[2]

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Pash Cracken's protocol droid was briefly mentioned in James Luceno's 2003 novel, The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force.[2]


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