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Passel Argente was a male Koorivar who was the Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance and a member of the Galactic Senate representing his homeworld, Kooriva, in the final days of the Galactic Republic. He pledged his forces to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and served on the Separatist Council until his death at the hands of Darth Vader on Mustafar at the culmination of the Clone Wars.


A male Koorivar hailing from his species' homeworld of Kooriva, Passel Argente joined the Corporate Alliance, ultimately leading the group after winning the post of Magistrate. He also served in the Galactic Senate of the Republic[6] as the senator of Kooriva.[1] Argente was among the senators who supported the Vote of No Confidence issued by Queen Padmé Amidala against the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, which led to Valorum's downfall and the election of Sheev Palpatine as his successor.[6][5]

Argente had made the acquaintance of Count Dooku by the time he had disaffiliated himself with the Jedi Order, and was responsible for introducing him to Eriadu governor Wilhuff Tarkin while on Coruscant.[1] Dooku was in the process of quietly amassing a coalition of industrial titans, including the Corporate Alliance's competitors in the Commerce Guild;[7] nevertheless, after Dooku reemerged as the head of the Separatist movement some eight years later, Argente was the first in the Galactic Senate to support what would become the Confederacy of Independent Systems, giving confidence to other senators to support Dooku.[1]

In 22 BBY, Argente and other heads of corporation met with Dooku on Geonosis to discuss a treaty proposed by the Count. Dooku, rallying forces to create his Confederacy, hoped to gain the support of the Corporate Alliance, although attacks by Jedi and the Grand Army of the Republic led to the outbreak of the Clone Wars on Geonosis.[4] Argente resigned his senatorial office and joined Dooku's cause, becoming a member of the Separatist Council[6] after pledging the Corporate Alliance's forces to the Separatist Alliance.[8]

Argente was killed with the rest of the Separatist Council by Darth Vader on Mustafar.

As the war came to its conclusion, Argente joined his fellow council members on Utapau, and from there was sent to Mustafar by General Grievous, Argente was stationed in the control room when Darth Sidious informed the Council that his new apprentice, Darth Vader was on his way to take care of them. Once Vader entered the control room, he proceeded to slaughter every member of the Council; As the Sith Lord cut his way through several aides, including Argente's own personal aide Denaria Kee, Argente attempted to flee but sustained a fatal blow to the neck region from Vader's lightsaber.[3]


While on Geonosis, Argente wore a brown shimmerbird tongue robe with a crocheted hood and the brooch of Luristan.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Passel Argente was played by Steven Boyle in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, the second installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.[4] He was then played by Marty Wetherill in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[3]



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