"Beol De'Rruyet claims this artifact holds the key to a long lost, incredibly fast method of lightspeed travel…and he's found a way to replicate it. If that's true, it could completely change the galactic economy…or end the war once and for all."
―Domina Tagge[src]

Path engines were a type of specialized hyperdrive used by the Nihil marauders during the High Republic Era which provided incredibly fast hyperspace travel through use of the otherwise impossible-to-traverse Paths. The engines, which glowed a brilliant green, were installed on Nihil starships in addition to normal hyperdrives. They had been provided to the Nihil by Asgar Ro when he became the first Eye of the Nihil and gave them access to the Paths.[1] Much later, during the Imperial Era, Beol De'Rruyet of De'Rruyet Industries claimed to possess one such artifact and have the ability to replicate its design during the Imperial Era. Wishing to avoid the economic overturn that would be a result of the technology, Domina Tagge of the Tagge family recruited the rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra to learn about the Path engine and verify De'Rruyet's claims before he could unveil it.[2]

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