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"That's us. First in, last out, and broken furniture in between."
―Tuck Tyrell[src]

The Pathfinders, also known as SpecForce Pathfinders or the Rebel Pathfinders, were a special forces unit in the service of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. General Han Solo used the Pathfinders as his strike team during the Battle of Endor,[1] as well as a raid at the Wretch of Tayron.[3] The Pathfinders were commandos who were trained in infiltration. The group used guerrilla tactics to infiltrate areas they were trying to capture or liberate.


Battle of Endor OFL

A pair of Pathfinders evade Imperial forces during the Battle of Endor.

The several Pathfinders under Sergeant Melshi[2] joined other volunteers as part of Rogue One unit organized by Captain Cassian Andor and Sergeant Jyn Erso. Together, they undertook a mission to steal the Death Star's plans from the Citadel Tower's data vault on Scarif.[7]

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Although members of the Pathfinders hailed from a vast array of planets, many of them came from Outer Rim worlds subjugated by the Galactic Empire. Contrary to their Imperial foes, the Rebel commandos did not benefit from Academy training. Nevertheless, they were trained by former Imperials like their leader, General Crix Madine.[9]

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