Pathways is a story in Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 8 about a lost battle droid.


Marching on a Galactic Republic stronghold on the planet Antamont,[1] a lone battle droid steps on a mine, blowing the line apart. Shockingly, that battle droid survives, his connection to the hive-mind severed. Realizing that he has a life of potential ahead of him, the droid flees, only to be spotted by a single grapple droid, who pursues him only to be knocked off a cliff, the battle droid falling shortly behind. The Grapple droid, beginning to shut down, is afraid of death, but the battle droid comforts him and stays with him until he "dies". Walking away from his crushed former-companion, the battle droid finds a secluded tree, where he sits down, his power source already depleted. He remains there for some years, only to be found later by a group of farmers, who decide to power him up and use him on the farm.


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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, Vol. I, p. 33 ("Antamont")

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