Pato Ado was a male Ithorian ecologist and xenobiologist who met Meetra Surik on Dantooine. He had spent a great deal of time studying the native plants and animals, and so was desperate to return to his herd on Telos to aid in the restoration project there. While he waited for a ship to take him to Telos, he took up pazaak as a hobby. At first many opponents were willing to play against him, however as his skill improved, fewer and fewer individuals wished to play, so he began offering his rare and expensive armor components he used for his work as prizes for special matches.

He never lost his components until Meetra Surik won all of his credits after several matches, forcing Pato to wager his armor components. The Ithorian held no grudge against Surik and merely enjoyed playing against a skilled opponent.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The player can offer Pato Ado a chance to join the Khoonda Militia but he declines. He also has some pazaak cards to sell.

Unlike most pazaak players, Ado will gladly continue to play matches with the player after his components are won, without a wager.


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