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"He was a Patrolian. That's a fish guy."
Tera Sinube[src]

Patrolians were a species from the world[4] Patrolia in the Inner Rim of The galaxy.

Biology and DescriptionEdit

Members of the species were distinguished by their pale, pastel-colored scales and long, fin-like limbs. They could resist minor electrocutions. The bounty hunter Robonino was a member of this species,[1] as was the criminal Bannamu.[4] Another member of the species was seen in a cantina in the Coruscant underworld.

Behind the scenesEdit

Not Robonibo

Unused Episode I Jedi concept art that later became Patrolian

The Patrolian design was based on unused Episode I Jedi concept art by Iain McCaig,[6] which appeared in the Star Wars: Episode I Insider's Guide.[7]


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