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"What brings you all the way to Pau City, and what do you hope to find here in my shop?"

Pau City, also known as the sinkhole city, was one of the large sinkhole cities that pitted the arid surface of Utapau. It was the planet's capital and primary spaceport. In the ending stages of the Clone Wars, Pau City was governed by Torul Blom, with Tion Medon serving as Port Administrator, and Jen June as Police Inspector.


Pau City was located on the Outer Rim planet of Utapau. It was located in a giant sinkhole beneath the planet's surface and a majority of its structures were built out of Ossic, a type of fossilized bone. It was mostly populated by the native Utai and Pau'ans whose ancestors built the city. Pau City was the largest sinkhole community on Utapau.[4]

The city was made up of eleven different levels going from the top of the sinkhole all the way to the bottom. Of those levels, four were the most important: the Civic Level, the Wealth Level, the Produce Level, and the Mining Level.[4] The Civic Level was the highest level and was occupied by the governmental and bureaucratic community and the Port Administration. The city's major civic and ceremonial buildings were also located on this level, as were the residences of the Pau'an elite. The Wealth Level was located slightly lower than the Civic Level. There, Ossic structures were manufactured. Additionally, the level contained the city's port facilities, factories, and warehouses. Middle class Pau'an and few wealthy Utai lived on the level. Farther down was the Produce Level. Most Utai lived on the level. Its primary purpose was to raise small animals and plants such as ocean-kelps for food.The level was also where the Dactillions and Varactyls were bred and trained. The city's lowest level was the Mining Level. The Mining Level's primary function was for the mining of bone used in ossic architecture. It also contained natural hot springs that were popular for relaxing.[4]


Eons ago a group of aliens, sought to colonize the world of Utapau even though it was barren and appeared to lack natural resources. Because of the huge storms that regularly occurred on the surface of the world, the colonists who settled on Utapau were unable to do so on the surface. Instead of building their settlements on the surface the colonists that would later evolve into the Utai and the Pau'ans decided to build their communities in natural sinkholes and crevices where they would be safe from the storm. These sinkhole communities had to build their structures out of fossilized bones due to a lack of wood and other natural resources. Pau City was the largest sinkhole community on Utapau ever created.[4]



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