Paul Chadwick (born 1957) is an American comic book creator. He provided art for the Dazzler comic book, published by Marvel Comics, before creating his own character, Concrete. Concrete was first published by Dark Horse Comics in Dark Horse Presents issue 1, July 1986, and is still in publication today.

Chadwick has personally been recognized for his work with the Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist for 1989, and nominations for the Harvey Awards for Best Artist, Writer, and Writer/Artist that same year. His work on Concrete has also won that series several awards.

Chadwick was also asked by the Wachowski Brothers (after having worked with them on several Matrix comics) to be the writer of The Matrix Online. Chadwick outlined the general story direction (and various natural offshoots) of events to take place in the MMORPG game.

He is renowned for his ninth episode of the "Concrete Series" in which Concrete fights off a kidnapping attempt by Soviet agents and finds an icy surprise along the way. "This particular episode in the Concrete series epitomizes the dichotomy of mankind and the choices that are thrust upon us in life," Vahan Minassian, Nolar County (NE) Times 11/14/88.

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Cover art for A Valentine Story by Paul Chadwick.

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