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"I ended up winning an Academy Award for Star Wars before I'd even started thinking about winning Academy Awards."
―Paul Hirsch, about the unexpected success of Star Wars[src]

Paul Hirsch (born November 14, 1945) is an American motion picture editor. He was an art history major who dropped out of Columbia University graduate school to pursue a career in editing trailers and montages. In the early 1970s he was introduced by his brother, Charles, to then unknown filmmaker Brian De Palma.

In 1978, he, along with Richard Chew and Marcia Lucas, won the Academy Award for Film Editing for his work on Star Wars.

It is rumored that Hirsch and De Palma are no longer on speaking terms with each other. In 2001/2002 he was fired from The Adventures of Pluto Nash. In 2003 he replaced the original editor on Ray for which he received his second Academy Award nomination, but lost to Thelma Schoonmaker for the The Aviator.

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