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"A pauldron would be in order."
An armorer to Din Djarin[src]

Pauldrons were a type of armor worn by soldiers of the Galactic Republic,[2] the Galactic Empire,[3] the First Order,[4] and Mandalore. These represented the wearer's rank or affiliation. These varied in color,[1] and could sometime feature symbols associated with the wearer's commander.[5]

Galactic RepublicEdit

The Galactic Republic's specialized and officer clone troopers utilized pauldrons. Advanced Recon Commandos were known to utilize them, as well as Clone Captains[6] and Clone Commanders.[7] The Wookiee warriors of the Republic planet Kashyyyk utilized decorative pauldrons.[8]

Galactic EmpireEdit

Shadow trooper pauldron

An Imperial shadow trooper equipped with a type of pauldron.

Members of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, such as stormtrooper commanders, sandtroopers,[3] magma troopers,[9] snipers and grenadiers[10][11] were all known to wear a variety of different colors of pauldrons, as well as Death troopers[12]. They could indicate the wearer's rank, position or specialization.[3] A black colored pauldron indicated enlisted troopers, white was for sergeants, and orange for unit leaders[1] or captains.[13][3] Snipers wore blue pauldrons, and Grenadiers wore red.[10][11] Imperial stormtroopers stationed aboard Grand Admiral Thrawn's flagship Chimaera wore pauldrons that, although in the normal color variations, featured a symbol of a stylized chimaera in the middle. This symbol was associated with the Grand Admiral, and also appeared on the uniforms of Imperial officers aboard the ship.[5]

Death troopers used black pauldrons to signify specialists, who had access to additional weapons and equipment. The pauldrons used gave additional information when viewed through a Death Trooper's helmet.[12]

First OrderEdit

The rise of the First Order witnessed the continuity of Imperial customs, one such tradition being the use of pauldrons to denote rank or specialty, such as stormtrooper officers in the First Order military. Officers wear red pauldrons, sergeants wear black, while squad leaders wear white.[4]

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