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Captain Rex of the 501st Legion sported an upswept pauldron during the Clone Wars.

Pauldrons were colored pieces of padded material worn by some clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, and later by stormtroopers of the Imperial Armed Forces. The pauldron designated either a rank or an area of expertise. Occasionally, during times of internal struggle within the Galactic Empire, the colors and markings on pauldrons were used to signify allegiance to specific leaders or factions.[source?] For clones, while they were indeed used to show rank, pauldrons could also be customizations to their armor. Over the period of the Clone Wars, the pauldron design changed frequently. Recruited ARC-troopers wore two, such as Fives. Some protruded more than others; shape and size also varied.

Recruited ARC Troopers "Fives" and "Echo" sporting the double-sided pauldron


Imperial Stormtroopers Sergeant's pauldron

Sandtrooper pauldrons designated the following:

  • Black - Enlisted ranks
  • White - Sergeant
  • Orange - Squad Leader

Field Trooper pauldrons designated the following:

Imperial Marines and Imperial shock trooper pauldrons designated the following:

  • Orange - The normal color worn by these units. Orange colored pauldron was also standard equipped on the stormtrooper backpack

Some regular stormtrooper units from around 1.5 years ABY had pauldrons that designated the following:

  • Gray - Bombardier
  • Yellow - Rifleman
  • Red - Medic
  • Blue - Sniper
  • Orange - Captain

Phase I Clone trooper pauldrons designated the following:

  • Green - Sergeant
  • Blue - Lieutenant
  • Red - Captain
  • Yellow - Commander

Enlarged pauldron on the standard Senate Commando armor

Phase II Clone Trooper Pauldrons:

  • Double-sided - ARC Trooper
  • Single-sided - Clone captain or Commander

Senate Commandos also wore pauldrons, but they had a different look. They were found on the left shoulder and were enlarged. Their pauldrons also deflected blaster fire.


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