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Pax Teem was a male Gran senator who lived in the last century of the Great Peace of the Republic period. He represented the Gran Protectorate of Malastare in the Galactic Senate.

At some point, Darth Tenebrous, Dark Lord of the Sith, considered Teem for the role of figurehead Supreme Chancellor he and his apprentice, Darth Plagueis, could manipulate into office. After a falling out between Teem and Plagueis's public persona Hego Damask, Palpatine, Plagueis's apprentice and the person who eventually became the Sith-backed Chancellor instead of Teem, was targeted by the Gran Senator.

In 52 BBY, Teem, joining forces with Santhe Security, organized Palpatine's kidnapping and an attack against Damask Holdings. Pax Teem was murdered, along with his family and friends, by Palpatine himself while celebrating his assumed victory. He was succeeded in the Senate by his aide, Aks Moe, and Ainlee Teem.



Pax Teem became the senator of the Gran Protectorate sometime prior to 67 BBY. He was an avid fan of podracing, and was known to attend the Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare, as he did in 65 BBY. During that event, Senator Teem was outraged to learn that Hego Damask, the Muun Magister of Damask Holdings—and secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis—sponsored Gardulla the Hutt's plans for taking over the remote and desolate planet Tatooine and turning it into a major podracing center. Loss of podracing revenues, together with the discovery of a vast plasma source on Naboo which might undercut Malastare's fuel exports, had the potential to seriously affect the Protectorate's finances.[1]

Dealings with the Sith[]

After Palpatine of Naboo succeeded Vidar Kim as Senate representative of the Chommell sector in 52 BBY, Senator Teem approached him with hopes that he might serve him as crony of the Protectorate. Unbeknownst to Teem, Palpatine was secretly Darth Sidious, apprentice to Plagueis, the alter ego of Hego Damask. After spotting Palpatine and Damask engaged in friendly conversation with Jedi Masters Dooku and Sifo-Dyas prior to a vote on seating several "client worlds" of the Trade Federation, including Felucia and Murkhana, the Gran began seeing Palpatine as a political foe. Pax Teem was convinced both Palpatine and Damask were allies after Palpatine's abstention from the vote served the Trade Federation's interests while harming his own.[1]

Teem joined forces with Santhe Security and organized Palpatine's kidnapping. The Naboo senator went along with it in order to slaughter his captors and prove himself to his Master, but Plagueis had other plans: he had expected this would happen, and wanted to use it as an excuse to rid himself of Teem. After Damask's Sun Guards intervened and freed Palpatine, they went after the Gran, who was supposedly hiding in an orbital station. But Plagueis was not aware of the other part of Teem's plan: The Muun Magister was overseeing the initiation of Larsh Hill into the Order of the Canted Circle in the Order's Fobosi Lodge, and Teem had hired Maladian assassins to infiltrate the Order and murder all participants, with Damask as the prime target. Plagueis, the only one to eventually survive the attack, and his Sun Guards fought off several assassins before Palpatine and Sate Pestage arrived.[1]


When the Sun Guards discovered that Teem was hosting a party in the Gran Protectorate Embassy, Sidious set out to kill him. He slaughtered everyone in eyesight, including the guests that Teem had invited to a feast. Leaving Teem for last, he used the Force to set fire to a floor-to-ceiling curtain under which the Gran had taken refuge, killing him. By 33 BBY, Teem had been succeeded by his aide, Aks Moe, and Ainlee Teem.[1]



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