The Pazaak Den was a private club in the Entertainment Promenade of the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa for hard-core gamblers looking for a match at the most common card game of the galaxy around 3951 BBY, pazaak. Known for the proud nature of its patrons, the Den was generally avoided by all but the pros, which suited them fine. The password "Holdout" was required to enter.

A Chadra-Fan known as "The Champ" was the long-time reigning champion at the Pazaak Den and supposedly would only play someone if he deemed them worthy enough. In her quest to find Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, the Jedi Exile visited the Pazaak Den and defeated the other players in order to draw "The Champ" out. She then beat him three times in a row at pazaak, a feat that caused "The Champ" to declare that he could no longer win and to then give the Exile his rare tie-breaker card.

Notable players in the Pazaak Den aside from "The Champ" included the Twi'lek Dahnis, the Duros Geredi and S4-C8-GE3, a GE3-series protocol droid.

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The Pazaak Den appears only in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. If the player has Atton Rand in their party or the Exile is male then Dahnis will forfeit her game.

The player also does not have to find the password in order to gain entry, they can use Force Persuade on the Gran guard at the door instead. Also there will be a group of Gran asking for Geredi. If you talk to them they will ask you to get him to come out of the den. If you agree, you lie to him telling him that there is an attractive Twi'lek woman outside waiting for him and he will get out. Then, he gets killed by the group of Gran. You find out that he owed money to the Exchange.


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