"Guided tours of House Alde's Royal Museum are closed until further notice."
―Peema Ahuff[src]

Peema Ahuff was a Human male who served as the curator of the House Alde Royal Museum during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.


In 3643 BBY, Peema wished to acquire the Darth Bandon's head and place it on display to honor Alderaanian hero Trask Ulgo, who died in combat against the Sith Lord. Ahuff was was willing to trade an Arkanian hyperdrive engine for it, but was duped by the scoundrel Skavak, who seduced his assistant Neva to convince to fake the result of genetic testing of Skavak's replica of the head. The day after Ahuff handed over the hyperdrive, he was brought the real head as well. Risha and her smuggler cohort needed the hyperdrive to beat Skavak, and had to convince Ahuff that he was conned. The smuggler pursued Skavak's agents and retrieved the hyperdrive, then gave the real head to the museum, where it was put on display.


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