Chief Navigator Peita Aabe was a former Imperial officer and one of the few Humans to serve on the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. He served in Ac'siel under Assistant Syndic Soontir Fel.

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On Luke Skywalker's first visit to the planet Csilla, Peita Aabe escorted him and his companions to a meeting with the Four Families. While Aabe's deciding vote in the meeting did not grant the Skywalkers' request for free travel through Chiss Territory, he did suggest a compromise, offering access to the Expeditionary Library on Csilla as an invaluable resource in their search for Zonama Sekot.

In order to ensure that the Chiss Ascendancy remained outside the Galactic Alliance, Aabe ordered Ganet to kidnap and eliminate Soontir Fel's family, who were strong supporters for Csilla joining the Galactic Alliance. However, his plans were put to an end by Jacen Solo and Commander Irolia, and he was tried and imprisoned for his treason.

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