"Disable? Carth, thats a Tapani Murder Machine! They could take us apart before we.."
―The response of a Lance Squadron pilot when Carth Onasi ordered the Moomo Williwaw to be disabled[src]

The Pelagia Duplex Command Assault Gunship, nicknamed the "Orphanmaker" or a Tapani Murder Machine, protected the Tapani sector in the time of the Great Sith War. It was a military vessel outfitted for use in the private fleets of the Lords of the Expanse.


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A Duplex Command Assault Gunship docked beside a 578-R space transport.

The ship was designed with two cockpits meant to divide port and starboard offensive operations between the co-captains. It was also given redundant piloting controls, effectively enabling each pilot to seize control of the vessel from one another. The ship featured numerous built-in weapon mounts and power supply conduits, making it easier to install new weapons systems and upgrade existing weapons than any other ship of its size.


Its designers created the class to bolster Tapani's defenses in the turbulent time surrounding Exar Kun's violent campaign against the Galactic Republic. After the Great Sith War ended, House Pelagia began selling these well-equipped gunships to outside buyers, which significantly increased their family holdings with profits from the design. A number of these ships were sold off just prior to the Mandalorian Wars and bought by wealthy individuals and bounty hunters. The ships performed so well, that the eccentric Baron Karoll Cilarnus sought to create a private version with twice the armaments. The result of this project would become known as the Moomo Brothers's personal transport, the Moomo Williwaw.



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