Pellas Agri was a male Human House Pelagia deep cover operative and associate of Janna Pallask. He used the alias "Coros Telari" while on assignment. When he was young his father was unjustly imprisoned on the orders of a House Mecetti nobleman and subsequently died in custody. Ever since then he trained himself in the arts of stealth and secrecy which he used to strike back at House Mecetti.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During the period of the Galactic Civil War "Coros Telari" uncovered evidence that House Mecetti was engaged in anti-Imperial activities. He gained the information, which came in the form of a file, while on a mission on the Mecetti capital world of Obulette. House Mecetti obviously did not want such potentially damaging information in the hands of their rival House Pelagia. He smuggled this "Mecetti File" to Lamuir IV hoping to pass it onto Janna Pallask for final transit to House Pelagia authorities. When he arrived at docking bay 10 of the spaceport he was apprehended by agents loyal to House Mecetti. He traveled to the Lamuir system on the freighter ship the Starseeker.

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