The Pelta-class Command Cruiser, also known as the Pelta-class Command Ship,[2] was a variant of the Pelta-class frigate, used as a command ship. The Alliance to Restore the Republic used modified Pelta-class Command Ships during the Galactic Civil War. At one point, a Pelta-class Command Cruiser was escorted by two[1] MC30C Frigates[3] over a gas giant. It was equipped with turbolasers.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Pelta-class Command Ship was first mentioned on a card of the same name in the 2016 Phoenix Home Expansion Pack by Fantasy Flight Games, for the miniatures game Star Wars: Armada.[1] Prior to the pack's release, the ship was revealed in a preview on Fantasy Flight Games' official website, which also identified it as Pelta-class Command Cruiser.[2] Artwork for the vehicle was created by Sergey Glushakov.[4]


Notes and references[]

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