"Stopping her is very important to the future security of the New Republic's currency."
―General Airen Cracken, on Pendor Gyrr[1]

Pendor Gyrr was a female Givin criminal active during the days of the New Republic. Although she tried her hand with smuggling and black market sales, she made her fortune by counterfeiting credits. Gyrr employed her natural Givin talent for mathematics to create false Imperial and New Republic currency, with which she then purchased goods. Although her operation alone did not pose a threat to the stability of the New Republic credit, General Airen Cracken posted a bounty on Gyrr to prevent her from inspiring other criminals to follow her lead. She was believed to have several bases on trade worlds.


"Pendor seems to have profited immensely from the economic instability the galaxy now faces."
―Airen Cracken[1]

Born on her species' homeworld of Yag'Dhul[1] in 33 BBY,[2] the female Givin Pendor Gyrr found herself ill at ease among her own people. She instead left the planet and made a name for herself as a currency forger. After the Battle of Endor destabilized the galaxy in 4 ABY, Gyrr capitalized on the economic turmoil to create vast amounts of false currency, including both Imperial and New Republic credits. Gyr played the financial markets by waiting until the value of a particular currency was high, then using her fake credits to make purchases.[1] One of her employees was Qan Gindoch, a Human smuggler, until he was captured on the planet Mantooine by agents of the New Republic, who suspected him of involvement in the counterfeiting operation. Gindoch confessed all he knew and was released[4] in 6 ABY. Gindoch's testimony helped the Republic link confiscated counterfeit money to Gyrr's organization, and thus detect telltale imperfections in her forgeries.[1]

Gyrr supplemented her operations by selling stolen items on the black market and smuggling spice. The New Republic General Airen Cracken believed that Gyrr had bases at several trading planets and systems, including Bespin, Celanon, the Corellian system, Nar Shaddaa, and Ord Mantell.[1]

Although Gyrr's forgery racket was small enough to spare the New Republic devaluation of its currency, the galactic government's inability to stop her operation worried Cracken that other criminals would follow her example and compound the problem. In 7 ABY, Cracken accordingly put out a bounty of AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png15,000 for the Givin's capture. Cracken noted unconfirmed reports that suggested the Givin's whereabouts at the time of the posting were on Ord Mantell.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"While Pendor Gyrr is a bit of a misfit on her native Yag'Dhul, she has made a fortune by applying her species' natural aptitude for mathematics to more 'practical' uses: counterfeiting."
―Airen Cracken[1]

Pendor Gyrr used the mathematical talents of her Givin heritage as a boon in creating her false currency, a skill at which she was an expert—despite imperfections that allowed a skilled analyst to detect her handiwork. She was a competent businessbeing, but she was especially knowledgeable of banking procedures, currencies, and financial markets. She was also able to get along in criminal circles. Nevertheless, Gyrr did not fit in with Givin society and instead preferred life off Yag'Dhul.[1]

Gyrr was a hairless, black-eyed, 1.6-meter-tall Givin[1] with the bone-white exoskeleton characteristic of her species.[3] She commonly carried a hand scanner, plates for credits, a datapad, and a hold-out blaster. In an image that accompanied her New Republic bounty profile, Gyrr wore a loose-fitting tunic–trousers combination and sandals.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gyrr is featured in the role-playing sourcebook Wanted by Cracken, written by Louis J. Prosperi and published by West End Games in 1993. The illustration of Gyrr that accompanies the entry was drawn by Rob Caswell.[1]


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