"Oh, yuck."
―Shannon Voorson, upon seeing the Penetrator's name[src]

The Penetrator was a Star Destroyer under construction at Kuat Drive Yards for the Imperial Navy in 3 ABY. As the Penetrator was nearing completion, the young amateur slicer Shannon Voorson managed to slice into an Imperial computer file containing a list of Star Destroyers being built by Kuat Drive Yards, among which was the Penetrator. Shannon later showed the list to her cousin, Deen Voorson, a member of the Rebel Alliance.


"I can't believe this. Do you know what this is worth—do you know what will happen if anyone catches you at this?"
―Deen Voorson, to Shannon Voorson, upon seeing the Imperial Star Destroyer registry[src]

In 3 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War, the Penetrator was a Star Destroyer under construction at Kuat Drive Yards for the Navy of the Galactic Empire. That same year, as the Penetrator neared completion at the Kuat shipyards, Shannon Voorson—a child amateur slicer and a resident of Kuat—managed to slice into several Imperial computer files. One of the files Shannon hacked into was a registry of six new Star Destroyers, including the Penetrator, currently being manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. Upon uncovering the list, Shannon found the Star Destroyers' names to be silly and the beings who named the ships unimaginative. Shannon later showed the registry to her cousin Deen Voorson, a member of the Rebel Alliance, and offered to give it to Deen so that he could take it back to the Alliance.[1]

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The Penetrator's first and only mention in Star Wars canon came in the short story Slaying Dragons, written by Angela Philips and published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal 9 on February 1, 1996. Slaying Dragons was later reprinted in the anthology book Tales from the Empire, released on November 3, 1997.


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