The Penetrator MB-450, also colloquially called a Luxan Penetrator,[1][3] was a high powered sporting blaster designed by Luxan Personal Armaments, Ltd.[2][1]


Penetrator MB-450 sporting blaster pistol

A Penetrator MB-450.

A powerful and compact sporting blaster, the MB-450 was able to deliver a massive punch-per-shot out of proportion to the blaster's class and energy requirements due to to a highly focused beam.[2][1] This focused beam was produced by a double-nested set of precision galven coils; essentially double focused, the resulting beam was narrower than a normal bolt, but rivaled that of a heavy blaster pistol or even a blaster rifle in terms of penetrating power.[2][1] This double-series focusing came at a cost, however; the accuracy and narrowness of the bolt made it more difficult to aim, requiring practice at precision targeting to consistently hit ones target.[2][1][4] As a result of the over focusing, the MB-450 had a negligible stun setting.[4]

Made to order by Luxan Personal Armaments, Ltd., each Penetrator was hand-crafted and often customized to the whims of a buyer for additional cost, though they were rarely personalized.[4] Each Penetrator was marked on its casing to identify its factory origin and manufacturing run - though these markings were often removed or obscured by the weapon's owner.[4]

Notable usersEdit

A Luxan Penetrator was the favored weapon of the Ithorian bounty hunter and gunslinger Bulduga.[5]



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