Penga Rift was a Dobrutz DB-4 starliner converted to research use by the Obroan Institute.

In 16 ABY, Penga Rift was serving under the command of Captain Dolk Barjas supporting Joto Eckels's exploratory mission on Hoth. When the need for a research team with knowledge and equipment specialized for cold environments arose, Penga Rift and Eckels' team were rerouted to Brath Qella to support Kroddok Stopa, Josala Krenn and the crew of IX-26. The crew of Penga Rift completed the mission and named the Stopa-Krenn glacier in honor of their fallen comrades. Dr. Eckels was envying Fleet Intelligence's Meridian for being faster than the Rift in hyperspace complaining about the thirteen day hyperspace journey to Coruscant.

Ostensibly, Penga Rift continued to support the Institute's missions for the next nine years.

Nine years later, Penga Rift was left a 126-meter perforated hulk by the Yuuzhan Vong at the First Battle of Obroa-skai.



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