"Collectively, the Patrol's about as bright as banthas armed with blasters, and just as subtle. I get the shivers just thinking about them."
Roark Slader[src]

The Pentastar Patrol was the largest military unit within the Enforcement branch of the Pentastar Alignment. It almost entirely consisted of an aggregation of former Imperial military units and bases that had been located in the territory that became the Alignment. However, in an effort to bolster its military force and reduce internal tension, nonhumans were allowed to serve in the Patrol. This move was not welcomed by the majority of the Patrol's officers, who were former Imperial military men steeped in the principles of Human High Culture.[3]

As the Alignment maintained an isolationist policy, the Patrol mainly was concerned with stopping pirate and mercenary raids. However, with the return of Emperor Palpatine in 10-11 ABY, the Patrol participated in his series of renewed campaigns against the New Republic. Following the death of Palpatine, and death of the Alignment's leader Ardus Kaine, in 12 ABY the Alignment (along with its military forces) was absorbed into the Imperial Remnant.[2]

The Patrol's engineering divisions worked with Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems to design the Enforcer-class picket cruiser. The Patrol's officers were trained at the Pentastar Patrol Academy.



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