"That's very polite of you, Pentir, but you can dispense with pleasantries in this case."
"Oh. Apologies.
―Drusil Bephorin interrupts her son as he tries to ask Luke Skywalker a maths question[src]

Pentir Bephorin was the son of Givin mathematician and cryptographer Drusil Bephorin. When Drusil was captured by the Galactic Empire and forced to work for them she was separate from Pentir, who was left with his father and other siblings. Members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic rescued Bephorin's family and kept them safe while the rebel agents Luke Skywalker and Nakari Kelen extracted Drusil from the planet Denon, where she was being held. The Alliance then arranged for Pentir and the rest of the family to reunited with Drusil on the remote world of Omereth. Skywalker and Kelen managed to bring Drusil to the meeting place, but were attacked by bounty hunters searching for the cryptographer. Kelen was killed during the fighting, but Skywalker successfully defeated the hunters, after which a CR90 corvette commanded by Major Bren Derlin arrived carrying Pentir and the rest of his family. Drusil happily greeted her husband and children and introduced them to Skywalker, whom Pentir tried to ask a mathematics question as a standard form of polite Givin greeting. Drusil informed her son there was no need for such formality, after which she and her family left in one of the bounty hunter's starships in order to find a safe location to hide from the Empire and continue aiding the Alliance.[1]

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Pentir Bephorin first appeared in the novel Heir to the Jedi, which was written by Kevin Hearne and released in 2015.


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