Percival Vale was a force-sensitive male Human, who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Vale was the son of a rich starship owner on the planet Bespin. In about 33 BBY, Vale was sent by his father to the Cularin system, where his father intended for him to enroll at the Almas Academy and train to become a Jedi. However, Vale instead entered a relationship with Selima DeWitt and along with the Cerean Higgie Sethven, they established the shop Natural on Cularin. About a year after his arrival in the system, Natural became the site of a battle between two security teams, sent by the rival companies Culpharm and Genasys. While Sethven and DeWitt sheltered upstairs in the shop, Vale waited on the ground floor with a stick, in an attempt to defend them. However, all three were eventually rescued by the Heroes of Cularin. A few weeks later, Vale and DeWitt became engaged.


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