Peregrine's Nest was the secret military base of Garm Bel Iblis's private army, named for its commander's flagship. The encampment included many camouflaged structures, with everything from small living quarters to larger admin and supply sheds to even larger maintenance and tool buildings and, largest of all, a refurbishing hangar. While Peregrine's Nest was designed as a temporary facility which was regularly moved to avoid detection, it eventually became a permanent, fixed base. However, the location of the Nest remained a carefully guarded secret, despite the fact that it was on a planet within 150 light-years of New Cov, which was located on a major hyperlane in the Mid Rim.


The perimeter of the base was dotted with advanced weaponry, including Golan Arms DF.9 anti-infantry battery, several larger Speizoc Arms anti-vehicle weapons and a few KAAC Freerunner assault vehicles. The base was also fitted with an KDY v-150 Planet Defender ion cannon. The ranging control for the ion cannon was located at the heart of the base, in a fully-fitted war room utilized by Bel Iblis, which also contained comm and tracking consoles, a crystal gravfield trap array and a large holo display that displayed a three dimensional map of the sector. The crystal gravfield trap would later be lost, preventing it from being used to lift Thrawn's siege of Coruscant. The most impressive defense layer included six Katana fleet Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers.



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