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The Peregrine was a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser that served in the Katana fleet of the Old Republic and later as General Bel Iblis's flagship during the Galactic Civil War.


It was a part of the Katana fleet. Around 45 BBY, it was lost with the rest of the fleet due to the outbreak of a hive virus.

Several decades later, when the Katana Dreadnaughts were rediscovered by Captain Hoffner and sold to Garm Bel Iblis, he took the derelict Peregrine as the command ship of his personal fleet, and used it to coordinate his forces during the Thrawn campaign. Crewmen included C'taunmar and Perris.

Peregrine took her name from the Peregrine, a ghost of Corellian legend doomed to wander the galaxy forever. Bel Iblis felt that he and Peregrine had many similarities.

It served as flagship for Irenez during the Raid on New Cov.

Peregrine remained Bel Iblis's ship at least as late as the Caamas Document Crisis, when Rogue Squadron had been attached to Bel Iblis. Peregrine, unlike most ships, had its decryption equipment in an external comm blister, rather than in a more central location. Many thought this was an oversight of refitting crews, but it was in fact a conscious decision by Bel Iblis, who preferred the seclusion the blister provided.



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