"I don't fear you at all."
"I think that's true. I should've expected nothing else. But you understand very little."
"I understand the Empire lost a Star Destroyer and hundreds of troops today. You lost them. To us."
Isval, to the Emperor, referring to her role in the destruction of the Perilous[src]

The Perilous was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer serving as the flagship of Darth Vader, up until the skirmish with the Free Ryloth Movement in which it was destroyed.[1]

Prior to its destruction, it carried Darth Vader, Emperor Sheev Palpatine and senator Orn Free Taa to Ryloth. Cham Syndulla, leader of the Free Ryloth movement, had acquired knowledge through his spies — which Vader suspected to be in Taa's inner circle — that Vader and the Emperor would be on the Perilous when it came Ryloth.[1]

The thought of assassinating both the heads of the Empire — the Emperor and his right-hand man — motivated Cham to pour all his resources into the coordinated attack on the ship. Although he failed in his task, the Perilous was destroyed above Ryloth after its hyperdrive was tactically bombarded.[1]



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