Perit was a Mon Calamari Vigo of Black Sun during the time of Prince Xizor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Perit came to the attention of Xizor before the Falleen rose to the rank of Underlord, when he was a slave. Originally, Perit was owned by an executive of Sienar Fleet Systems and given the duties of a household servant, but his talents with technology soon saw him promoted to personal assistant. Xizor arranged for him to be transferred to his household on Coruscant and had the Mon Calamari trained as a slicer.

After Xizor became the leader of Black Sun he appointed Perit as his successor among the vigos. The other vigos were and remained unhappy with this choice, but Perit's skills gave him access to much ruinous information on his competition.

In 1 ABY Perit discovered that another Vigo's sublieutenant involved with Perit's glitterstim trade was lining his pockets with Perit's credits. In order to avoid an open war with the other Vigos, he hired independent operatives to ambush the sublieutenant's stronghold and kill him, making it look like a pirate attack.[1]

Perit owned a Mon Calamari starliner called the Red Tide.

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