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"An attack on Taanab—though on the Perlemian Trade Route—would earn the dissidents more condemnation than praise, as Taanab's agricultural projects feed billions in the Mid and Outer Rim."
―Vice Admiral Rancit explains why it's unlikely the Carrion Spike will target Taanab despite its placement on the Perlemian Trade Route[src]

The Perlemian Trade Route was a super-hyperroute which included the planets Felucia[7] and Taanab.[6] During the Clone Wars, thanks to a Galactic Republic in the Battle of Murkhana, the Confederacy of Independent Systems's Shadowfeeds were unable to reach the planets across the Perlemian Trade Route.[11]

When considering potential targets for the stolen Imperial corvette Carrion Spike, Moff Wilhuff Tarkin ruled out Taanab as being at risk despite its placement on the trade route, as the planet supplied food to many other planets.[6]

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