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Permacrete was a building compound. It was used in the construction of many things, including floors and courtyard foundations.[1]

Despite being known for its strength, even two-meter thick permacrete could not stand up to a lightsaber.[1] While serving in the Senate of the Galactic Republic, Padmé Amidala served on Bail Organa's Committee on transportation of construction materials to the Mid Rim. This was lampooned by TriNebulon News with an article titled "NAÏVE SENATOR SPREADS WINGS, LANDS IN PERMACRETE." During her time on the committee, Amidala learned that there were three major problems with permacrete. One was that it required a large quantity of water, which was sometimes scarce and impractical to ship. The second was that it was bulky, requiring large vessels to transport it and thus causing many systems to use their own drastically inferior local variations. The third, in Amidala's opinion, was that it was the most boring subject of discussion in the galaxy.[2]

A crisis on the planet Bromlarch required the need for a large amount of permacrete for the fixing of its aqueduct. It did not possess the necessary chemicals to make even one of the many knockoff versions of it, thus requiring its import. The planet was able to get the permacrete it needed thanks to Amidala's Mid Rim Cooperation motion.[2]


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