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"Who's on Quarantine duty?"
"Perry and Quinze."
Pressor and Trilli[src]

In 22 ABY,[2] Perry was serving a term as one of the law-enforcing Peacekeepers of the Outbound Flight Colony, the government established by those who survived the Galactic Republic's extra-galactic survey ship Outbound Flight after its crash in a star cluster called the Redoubt. Perry was assigned with Quinze to guard the Quarantine section, where the colony kept Force-sensitive children under surveillance. That year, Commander Chak Fel was investigating the ruins of Outbound Flight when he discovered the small prison. A female attendant watching over the children initially mistook him for Perry, but quickly realized he was someone else.[1]

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Perry was briefly mentioned in the 2004 novel Survivor's Quest, written by Timothy Zahn.[1]

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