"That Star Destroyer's disabled..."
Admiral Raddus — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

The Persecutor[10] was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer in service of the Galactic Empire. It participated in the Battle of Scarif in 0 BBY, where it was completely disabled after being subjected to an attack run by a Blue Squadron X-wing, Blue Four Barion Raner, that destroyed its starboard-side bridge-mounted deflector shield generator, followed by a bombing run of ion torpedoes from the Y-wings of Gold Squadron. The crippled Star Destroyer was then pushed by the Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvette Lightmaker into the Star Destroyer Intimidator, shearing it in two. The wreckage of all three ships subsequently crashed into the Shield Gate and destroyed it, allowing Rogue One to transmit the Death Star plans to the Rebel flagship Profundity.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

The Persecutor first appeared in the 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[2] It was identified by name in "Sacred Ground," an article written by Joe Fordham and published in the February 2017 magazine Cinefex 151,[11] though John Knoll had previously confirmed on Reddit that the ships involved in the crash are "the Persecutor and the Intimidator. Affectionately known to the crew at ILM as Timmy and Percy."[12] The 2019 reference book Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition provided official confirmation of the names that had been given in the Cinefex article.[13]


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