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"His enthusiasm outweighs his discretion."
―"The Client", on Pershing[src]

Pershing was a human male doctor and scientist who affiliated with an Imperial a remnant of the Galactic Empire during the New Republic Era. By 9 ABY, Pershing and "the Client" placed a bounty on "the Child" in hopes of acquiring it. One of the bounty hunters who accepted the commission was "the Mandalorian," who met with the Client and Pershing while they were under the protection of Remnant Stormtroopers.

The Mandalorian then successfully retrieved the Child for the Imperials, and delivered it directly to the Client and Pershing, who verified it was healthy. The doctor and the Client then argued about extracting material from the Child, with Pershing ensuring that it remained alive. After having a change of heart, the Mandalorian returned and fought his way through the facility where Pershing was working on the child. The bounty hunter confronted Pershing who begged for his and the Child's life, causing the Mandalorian to spare the scientist and leave with the infant.


Acquiring a babyEdit

"This is not what we agreed upon."
"I'm simply being pragmatic."
―The Client and Doctor Pershing argue[src]

Doctor Pershing was a human male who worked as a scientist for an Imperial remnant on Nevarro following the collapse of the Galactic Empire. In around 9 ABY, Pershing worked with an individual known as "the Client" to attempt to acquire a Force-sensitive Child. The Client placed a bounty on the infant with the Bounty Hunters' Guild,[1] who sent many hunters to accept the contract.[2] One of these hunters was known as "the Mandalorian," who met with the Client and four stormtrooper guards face to face.[1]

Pershing The Mandalorian

Pershing discussed the terms of the bounty with the Client and the Mandalorian

After the Client greeted the Mandalorian, Pershing joined the meeting unannounced, causing the Mandalorian to quickly draw his weapons. The doctor cowered and apologized for surprising the bounty hunter while the four stormtroopers kept their weapons aimed at the Mandalorian. The Client then defused the situation and had the stormtroopers lower their weapons, after which the Mandalorian took a seat listened to the Client's description of the job. When the Client stated that the hunter could provide proof of termination instead of bringing the infant in alive, Pershing interrupted and complained that termination was not what they had previously agreed, but the Client dismissed the complaint and claimed to simply being pragmatic.[1]

A scientist sparedEdit

"What did you do to it?"
"I, I protected him. I, I protected him! If it wasn't for me, he would already be dead. Please!"
―The Mandalorian threatens Pershing as he begs for his life[src]

The Mandalorian successfully recovered the infant and delivered it directly to the Client and Pershing. Upon seeing the infant the pair rushed up, the Client first verifying its identity with a fob and Pershing the scanning it to check it was in good health. Pleased with the infant, the Client paid the Mandalorian while Pershing escorted it from the room. Once the Mandalorian was gone, the Client and Pershing argued about the infant, with the Client demanding he simply remove the material they needed from the Child even if it killed it. Pershing refused, reminding the Client that they had orders to deliver it alive, after which the Client warned Pershing they could no longer assure his safety and left.[2]

Pershing Spared The Mandalorian

Pershing was spared by the Mandalorian

The Mandalorian later had a change of heart and returned, attacking the facility where Pershing was working on the Child. After fighting his way through a number of stormtrooper guards, the Mandalorian blasted open the door to the room where Pershing was working. A stormtrooper inside shot the bounty hunter, only for the bolt to rebound of his beskar armor. The Mandalorian then killed the trooper and shot an IT-O Interrogation Unit while Pershing begged for his and the Child's lives. After the scientist explained it was only because of him that the baby had not been killed, the bounty hunter took the baby and left, sparing Pershing.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Pershing is a character who appears in The Mandalorian television series, released on November 12, 2019 on Disney+. He is portrayed by Omid Abtahi.[1]


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